What Went Wrong Scene 5

To fully appreciate this tribute to women with big asses check out the first chapter as it explains how my family got to this point. If you read the first chapter you know I never said anyone’s name. Since things may get a bit more involved in this chapter it probably is a good idea if I assign names to each of the players.

As it might embarrass the Big Ass Bitches in the story if their real first names were used I will make up pseudonyms for all of us. For the story my name is Rod and my son’s name is Dick. My big ass daughter in law, who I fucked the hell out of in the first chapter, will be Clitina and my sexy big ass wife is Muffy.

A lot has happened in the month since I wrote the first chapter. To say that it has been interesting would be an understatement. Clitina and I were trying to get the best of each other and she had told me that she wouldn’t come back to my bedroom and make out with me while my wife was sleeping if I let her watch me smooch topless with Muffy.

Needless to say I didn’t really want Muffy to know that I was fucking our daughter in law. So, I told Clitina where to be to watch when I attempted to neck with Muffy. If I succeeded in making out with Muffy my biggest problem would be stopping her before she ripped my clothing off. I didn’t want Clitina to watch us fuck.

After dinner I escorted Muffy onto our deck which overlooks a pretty wooded area. We sat side by side sipping on her favorite wine, something called Spumante. Before long we were laughing and being silly and I could tell the wine was doing its job. Gently I leaned over and kissed her. She was hesitant worrying the neighbors might see. I convinced her that was unlikely and kissed her again knowing full well that Clitina was looking at us through the kitchen window. The next kiss was very passionate.

Soon my hands were freely traveling all over her body through her clothing. Each of our kisses grew wilder and wilder. I knew she was turned on and pulled her up onto my lap. In my mind I thought I would give Clitina her show letting her see me make out for a minute or two after I got Muffy’s top off and then take my wife back to the bedroom and fuck her hard.

Quickly I undid Muffy’s buttons and pushed her blouse from her shoulders. Confined in that bra her boobs looked like twin volleyballs jutting out from her chest. Believe me that bra was off faster than you can imagine and my mouth was devouring those massive orbs. Muffy had just reached between her legs and grabbed my cock through my pants when I heard the door to the deck slide open.

“Oh my that is so sweet. Oh no, don’t stop what you are doing. I just came out here to clean off the grill, pretend like I’m not here. Anyway, I think it is really sexy,” Clitina said almost purring. She was less than ten feet from us as we seemed frozen in place. I knew she had seen my mouth on Muffy’s body before and was so horny that I didn’t care if she saw me suck my wife’s titties.

Besides it was clear that Clitina had always meant for my wife to know she was watching. Muffy gasped and briefly pulled away. After a brief hesitation she pulled her hand from my crotch and put her arms around my neck inviting me to continue my attentions to her melons. Clitina pretended to continue cleaning the grill but her eyes were riveted to what we were doing.

I peeked over at Clitina and she had unzipped her shorts and was fingering herself as she watched. Soon my wife’s hand returned to my cock and squeezed the daylights out of it as I used one hand to caress her crotch. It didn’t take long for all three of us to cum. Although Clitina was quiet enough that that Muffy was unaware of her orgasm.

We barely had the presence of mind not to take things any further right then. We just got up and went in the house as if nothing had happened. Later that night Muffy and I had one of the great sexual experiences of our marriage. Clitina made sure to torment me the rest of the evening and succeeded in turning me on every time we got near one another.

The next morning as soon as Dick and Muffy left for work Clitina’s mouth was vacuuming my cock. She explained that she was curious about what it would taste like after being in Muffy’s twat. I yanked her body around and we enjoyed a quick sixty nine before I had to get dressed to go to work. If Clitina’s desire to watch Muffy and I had surprised me the events of the next couple of days would shock me to the bone.

The one principal that guides me more than any other is never to be a hypocrite. However, it is a very tough standard to live up to and got a severe test a few days after the incident on the deck. The events I am about to described below were later relayed to me by Muffy. Like all such things it began innocently enough.

It was on the trip to pick up fast food just after Clitina and I had fucked for the first time when the first hint of some new feelings began stirring in Muffy. Our son and her were getting back in the car and as he took the bags from her so she could drive he inadvertently grabbed her boob. Not thinking of whose tit he had just touched he blurted out, “Oh my goodness that is one hell of a sexy boob.” “Thank you son, that felt nice,” his mother said smiling back forgiving him while at the same time reminding him that she was forbidden fruit. Dick blushed, his face turned crimson, realizing fully what had happened. But, strangely to him his cock sprang to full stiffness. They finished the drive home without further incident not knowing that Clitina had just finished giving me a blow job right in the living room.

Dick pondered things for the next few days. He kept seeing his mom naked in his mind and once even while he was fucking his wife. Her boob was soft, big, and sexy. He had only touched it for about a second but that was enough to drive him nuts. His cock was convincing him that he had to get his mom into bed one way or another.

Something had also snapped in Muffy as a result of her son’s brief touch. She began looking at him differently. She couldn’t help but notice that he seemed to have a constant bulge in his pants. She couldn’t be sure if she were responsible or not. Curiosity got the best of her. She decided to find out the next time she was alone with him.

Her opportunity came a few days later when Clitina and I both had to be out for different reasons during the evening. Muffy had been wearing an old t-shirt and sloppy jeans. She gazed at his crotch as Clitina kissed him before leaving and there was no bulge visible in his trousers. She thought that was understandable after all Clitina was leaving so there was nothing sexual involved.

She talked briefly with Dick after Clitina and I left and still no arousal was evident. Excusing herself she scampered back to our bedroom and changed into a very revealing bright blue bikini swimsuit. She was going to lay out on the deck for awhile and just relax after seeing what affect the new outfit had on her son. Her cunt was getting damp thinking of Dick; after all, he was a very handsome lad.

There was no mistaking the reaction Muffy got when she walked into the room. Dick’s eyes popped out of his head and his mouth dropped open as a groan escaped his throat. Glancing at his crotch my wife had no trouble spotting the bulge that was bigger than ever in our son’s pants.

She smiled to herself as she walked away telling him that she was going to layout before it got cool. Dick’s eyes were fixed on her swaying big ass. At that moment it came to him that his mother’s ass was every bit as big as his wife’s, if not bigger. He pushed the power button on the TV’s remote control silencing the nonsense and got up and followed his mom. He wasn’t going to try anything but had to gawk at those boobs and her big ass.

Just before he reached the door to the outside he turned around and went to his room. He thought it would look weird unless he had some reason for joining her. Quickly he changed in to his swimsuit and got a book to read. Now, armed with a excuse to join her he marched out to the deck.

Muffy was lying on the lounge chair with her head nearest to the door. When Dick came out the first thing he noticed were the two huge mountains on her chest and the deep cleavage between them. Lust consumed the boy filling every pore of his body. He just had to touch those incredible titties again. Failure was not an option. She could not and would not stop him. The boy threw the book down and walked toward his mom.

Hearing the book fall Muffy looked over and saw her son approaching her with his stiff member leading the way. His breathing was already ragged with excitement as he reached his mom. He swung his leg over the lounger so that he was now straddling her. Then without saying a word he grabbed a fistful of her boobs in each hand giving them a hard squeeze. Fire was coming from his eyes as he mauled her boobs.

“What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck off of me,” his mother screamed. She wriggled attempting to get out of her son’s grip. Dick pushed her down flat against the chair holding her in place. With one hand he untied the knot of her swim top and yanked the material from her breasts.

“I’m making you my whore, bitch” Dick didn’t know where that came from except that was how he and Clitina sometimes had sex. Muffy was frightened of her own son. But also, to her surprise, she felt a tingle in her twat. She furiously began pounding her fists on his chest. Tears began to fill her eyes.

“I ain’t no one’s bitch; get the fuck off of me. You are my son!” In desperation she raised her knee and slammed it into his balls. She must not have hit him hard enough as he only grunted. Shoving her arms aside he slid down on top of her body and bit into her nipple. And settled his hips on her thighs glad that she hadn’t done it any harder and now assured that it couldn’t happen again.

“Listen, big ass bitch, you had better not try that shit again or I’ll make you fucking regret it for the rest of your fucking life.” Looking into his eyes Muffy thought he looked possessed. She decided to quit fighting but look for an opportunity to get away and try and stop him any other way she could other than putting herself in danger.

The assault on her boobs was furious as Dick’s tongue licked all over them between nibbling and hard biting. Her son’s hands were absolutely punishing her tits squeezing, smashing, and tugging on them. At first she clasped her hands behind her head pretending that she didn’t even notice he was there.

The attempt was futile as the fact was that her boobs were being stimulated in a way they hadn’t been for a long time. Her cunt was now oozing her juices and her breathing was getting shallow. As she came for the first time she placed a hand on his shoulder but tried to disguise her orgasm from her kid.

Dick stood back up having satisfied his hunger for her boobs. Looking at her crotch the wet spot in her bikini bottoms was obvious. He knew he had plenty of time as it would be at least two hours before Clitina or I returned home. He commanded, “Your ass is mine, bitch. Now, roll over Cunt so that I can take full possession of my property.”

Stubbornly Muffy shook her head no. Dick slapped her face. She shook her ahead in refusal again. He then grabbed both of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulled them up as far as they would stretch nearly lifting her off of the lounger. As soon as he let them drop Muffy did as she was told presenting her mammoth ass to her son.

Backing away from the chair Dick yanked off his swimsuit. Muffy couldn’t help but look back to see his erection and thought to herself that Clitina was lucky to have such a nice big pussy pleaser. Dick didn’t notice that his mom licked her lips as he was yanking down her swim bottoms exposing her ass.

Two very large pillows of flesh were now before the young man. Her ass while extra large didn’t sag anywhere and was a perfect heart shape without a single blemish or mark on the silky skin. The first swat of Dick’s hand on her butt surprised my wife and she knew she was doomed as she wouldn’t be able to hide her excitement much longer.

She loved spanking and ass play of all types almost as much as sixty nine and having her cunt fucked. Smack after smack landed on her soft cheeks. Groans came from her mouth as excitement built in both of their bodies. Having turned her snow white cheeks pink Dick dove in and squeezed and sucked and bit all over them before proceeding to the crevice of her ass crack.

He knew that a part of her was turned on as the aroma of cunt honey filled his nostrils. He used long swipes of his tongue to lick up and down her deep crack. Involuntarily she ground her ass back in his face telling him that he had achieved total victory. Soon his tongue was darting in and out of her rectum as her moaning got louder.

Savagely he yanked her up onto her knees and scooped two fingers into her dripping twat. Bringing them to his mouth he licked them clean. His cock was ready to explode. So, he scooped his fingers inside her pussy again and began to raise them to her asshole when she called out, “Hey you fucking bastard if you’re going to backdoor me forget lubing the damn hole, just stick the god damn thing in.”

Muffy never had liked lube as she liked the feeling of her ass being stretched open by the unspoiled feeling of an invading pecker. She loved the combination of pain and pleasure as it would feel as if the cock was going to rip her ass apart at first but soon the feeling would turn to pure ecstasy. Abiding by her wish he shoved the cock head inside of her.

“So, you want it nasty, hard, and rough you fucking bitch. Fucking dirty slut take this, cunt.” Dick wasn’t sure he could get all of the way in without some kind of lubrication. But, he was so horny that he had to give it a try. His mother howled as he pushed deeper and deeper into her shit tunnel.

“Oh fucking shit, my fucking asshole is so full. Come on mother fucker fill me up all of the way Come on you fucking bastard give me your cum. Fuck yes I’m a slut whore. My ass is fucking yours.” She shoved her ass back against his pecker. Muffy arched her back as Dick buried his erection all of the way inside of his mom.

Their skin slapped together as his hips repeatedly hit her rump. He pounded his cock into her butt hole like a jackhammer. Muffy cooed her approval when her son grabbed a fistful of her hair and snapped her head back. It didn’t take long for Muffy to cum twice without even having her pussy touched. Dick let out a loud groan as Muffy felt his big load of seed hit her shitty walls.

“Fuck that was fucking fantastic,” Dick moaned as he pulled out of her rear passage. His cock felt rubbed raw as he pulled out of her. He thought he could soothe it with her pussy juice so he decided to switch holes and fuck her hot twat right away. Expecting his next move his mom fell to the floor and swung to face him.

“You ain’t going to stick that shitty cock in my pussy that is nasty and unsanitary. You can’t have my slutty cunt until you are cleaned up first,” Muffy was being baby girl sweet but emphatic in her statement. After Dick didn’t respond for several seconds Muffy took the situation into her own hands. She literally tackled him to the deck floor all but throwing her son on his back.

In seconds she was mouth fucking his dirty cock as she juggled his balls in her hand. Dick was moaning and groaning as Muffy was roughly pumping and stroking his cock and balls with her hand as she licked and sucked him mightily. He was squirming around on the floor as he had never had such a passionate blow job before, He yelled, “Oh fuck mom, I’m fucking going to cum! Don’t stop you god damn slut.”

“I don’t intend to stop, you fucking bastard,” his mother snapped back. As Dick’s fists held onto the boards of the deck firmly he could feel his balls tighten. My wife is a true cum slut and was about to prove it to our son. As the first shot of cum hit her throat she ate it down loving the taste.

But as soon as she felt his second load begin to shoot she popped the big cock out of her mouth and let it spray all over. Dick shot cum into her long hair and all over her face. Some of it hit her in the left eye. The third shot she aimed at her titties coating the tops of both jugs with her son’s spunk.

Proud of the job she had done Muffy slid off of her son and sat beside him. As Dick recovered from the best blow job of his life He watched his mom lick his jism from her face and boobies. Her cunt was close enough that he could smell her womanly honey from where he was sitting. He took a deep breath and rubbed his hand along her thigh.

Thinking about his next move he decided to give his pecker a few minutes to recover from all it had been through. Then, bouncing to his knees Dick grabbed both of his mother’s thighs and yanked them up causing her to fall flat on her back. After parting her legs like a sexy wishbone he dove mouth first in to her sopping wet twat.

In just a few seconds Muffy was squirming around under the cunt licking her son was giving her. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pushed him harder to her hot twat. Groans of pleasure were coming from her as her hips bucked Dick in the face. Load after load of sweet honey poured into his throat as she covered his entire face with the sweet glistening fluid. She begged, “Dick, fuck me, fuck me now.”

There was only one problem with her plea. She was holding Dick’s head so tight Against her pussy that he couldn’t move it. Finally, he yanked her arms free of his head. He roared, “So, God Damn Bitch, you want my cock in that twat, you are fucking going to get it! From now on you are my mommy whore, you fucking bitch!”

“I don’t fucking care; I just want that wonderful prick inside of me right fucking now bastard.” Hearing this any qualms Dick had about fucking his own mother were completely gone. Savagely he smashed his member deep into her pussy. Her hot hole seemed to suck his cock right inside; seemingly swallowing the invader up.

Dick rested his elbows on the deck so that he could squeeze and tease her boobs. The harder he pounded her pussy the rougher he tortured her titties. Muffy was going crazy with animal lust as she clawed his back and slammed her hips up to meet his hips thrust for thrust. Now she roared, “You God damn bastard, fill me up. Come on plant your seed in your mommy’s fertile pussy. Come on impregnate me you son of a bitch.”

The idea of making a baby with her turned him on so his pounding got even harder. As she continued to smash her hips against his the idea of having her son’s baby didn’t sound bad to her. After about three more violent strokes up his mother’s twat Dick let loose a massive quantity of sticky spunk. They both roared in ecstasy and fell to the deck panting trying to catch their breath.

Laying there in the soft afterglow they gently caressed each other and Dick lightly kissed his mother’s tits. They softly talked and Muffy revealed that she couldn’t get pregnant as she was on birth control but still liked the idea of being the mother to his baby but that should be left to Clitina as his wife.

They agreed right then and there to keep fucking and that she would wake our son up every morning by sticking her sexy big ass in his face; sometimes with panties on and sometimes without any panties on. They also agreed that fucking their own spouses still came first. Muffy asked Dick what time it was and upon getting the answer realized that either Clitina or I could be home any minute.

Hurriedly the two new lovers got dressed. Little did any of us know but whenever the two of them or Clitina and I were alone in any part of the house a lot of groping of each other’s bodies was going on. As it turned out Dick and I would later find out that we both took advantage of every opportunity to bury our faces in both ladies asses every chance we got. It was like being in heaven between their ample ass cheeks.

Actors: Stormy Daniels

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