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Bad company. That’s what everybody says about me behind my back. And to be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck. My name is Julianna McCain. A six-foot-tall, slender and athletic, red-haired and green-eyed young woman of English descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And I am a Canadian porn star with a unique specialty. I am really into Interracial Pegging. It’s something so hot it’s literally burning up the web. Young White women donning strap-on dildos and fucking macho-looking Black guys with them. How cool is that? We are revving up the world of amateur Canadian pornography. Interracial female domination style.

Right now, I’ve got a big smile on my face. Care to ask me why that is? Well, I will tell you anyway. I’m sodomizing a big and tall Black guy named Clifford Saint-Germain. He’s one of the most well-known Black porn stars in the Confederation of Canada. Works mostly out of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. In the United States of America, he’s worked with the likes of Lexington Steele, Skyy Black, Mr. Marcus, Roxy Reynolds, Cherokee D’Ass and Brian Pumper. The top Black male and Black female porn stars of the United States of America, if not the world. Clifford starred in mainly interracial movies out here in Canada. Playing the role of the macho Black stud who fucks the hell out of some blonde chick. You’ve seen the likes of it a thousand times. I offered him ten grand to do something radically different. To star in the first installment of my new series Interracial Pegging Up North. What do you think he said?

Clifford is a shrewd businessman as well as a sex freak. And he’s really into White chicks, especially the kinky ones. Of course he said yes, and that’s why we are here. I get to be the first woman to shove a strap-on dildo up the ass of Canada’s top Black male porn star on camera. Boldly going where supposedly no White woman has gone before. And you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I bent Clifford over, spread his ass cheeks and lubricated him before going in boldly. I greased up my dildo before pressing it against his backdoor. Slowly, I pushed it deep inside of him. Man, how I had longed for this moment. If only Clifford knew that it’s Black guys like him who gave me the idea for my all-new website.

I got the idea for a website featuring White women fucking Black guys with strap-on dildos while watching an online video featuring manly Black guys fucking the hell out of dull, dopey, submissive blonde-haired White chicks. I found myself wondering what if the White woman fucked back? What if the sexual situation were reversed? A quick search revealed that nobody had thought about making a website exclusively dedicated to interracial pegging. White women pegging Black men with strap-on dildos. The only well-known interracial pegging series out there featured Black women fucking the hell out of queer-looking White men with their strap-on dildos. Who wants to see that? Definitely not me. It’s so dull and boring. So commonplace in the world of interracial pornography today.

I thought the audiences out there were getting tired of the usual crap in the world of interracial porn. Black man meets blonde-haired White woman who is dull and submissive. She’s one heck of a slut who eagerly sucks his big Black cock before letting him stick his dick in her pussy and asshole. Not always in that order. Or the other scenario. White woman in awe of bossy, sexy Black woman literally begs for some of her juicy exotic pussy. I wanted to try something different, thought-provoking and downright politically incorrect in the world of interracial porn. I wanted to make White women dominant and render Black male sex performers submissive. In front of the bloody camera. And what I set out to accomplish, I got done.

I stuffed Clifford’s ass with my big strap-on dildo. I wanted to make this big and tall Black stud pay for being so damn manly and sexy. I wanted to make handsome, cocky Black guys like him pay for fucking us White women so damn well and so often. I mean almost every fucking website out there features White women getting fucked in the ass by Black guys with big dicks. And Black guys like Clifford thought they were all that because of this unique phenomenon. Well, now things have changed. Turnabout is fair play after all. Now it’s a brand new day. White women are now going to fuck Black men in the ass with big strap-on dildos. And here is the supreme irony. The strap-on dildo I am using on Clifford is modeled after the dick of well-known African-American porn star Lexington Steele. A legend in the world of interracial porn. How about that?

I drilled the dildo deep inside Clifford’s asshole. I berated the big and tall Black porn stud while working my dildo into his asshole. I wondered how many White women he bent over and fucked as I bent him over before fucking him roughly. How I thoroughly enjoyed fucking this macho Black male. I slammed my dildo up his ass. I also berated him while fucking him. I asked him how it felt for a Black guy like him to get fucked in the ass by a skinny White bitch like me. Clifford didn’t say much as I fucked him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. He squealed as I fucked him. I grabbed hold of his big hairy Black balls and squeezed them while slamming my thick strap-on dildo into his asshole. I twisted them really nicely. Clifford screams changed in both tone and tune as he experienced some exquisite pain. I knew the old ball squeeze would do him in. I must say that it works every time.

As I fucked Clifford Saint-Germain with my strap-on dildo, I thought of all the Black guys who fucked me when I was just a beginner to the interracial porn scene. How they had laughed while drilling their big Black cocks into my mouth, pussy and ass. They called me a three hole woman. And they called me a Black Cock Craving White Slut. Well, no more. Now I’m the one in charge and the Black man is my bitch. I am hell bent on sexually humiliating these arrogant Black studs. And I am going to make money doing it. The world is tired of watching Black guys slamming their dicks in the mouths, pussies and assholes of sexually submissive White women in interracial porn videos. We’re ready for something more. And I am going to give it to them. After servicing Clifford, I made him kneel before me and polish my strap-on cock with his tongue while I glowered at him like the dominant White goddess that I am. It was fun. I am a mad White woman with a strap-on dildo. Let the cocky Black guys of the world beware.

Actors: Mia Khalifa

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