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The name is Barbara Janice Sumner and I’m a young woman of Irish and Italian descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Friends call me B.J. I attend Boston College and major in business administration. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, lean and muscular, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I’ve got face, I’ve got chest and I’ve got ass. Yeah, my booty is where I keep my extra pounds. It’s heart-shaped and quite full. I’m here to tell you about my all-time favorite hobby.

Although saying this might shorten my lifespan, I must let it out. I enjoy stealing black men from black women. It’s my favorite thing to do. Presently, I’m walking around Boston Common with my boyfriend Trevor Lemieux. He’s a six-foot-two, lean and muscular, dark-skinned and very good-looking black stud. He hails from the Republic of Haiti and currently attends Boston College on a student-athlete scholarship for playing Men’s Varsity Soccer. We met in one of my classes and fell in love. Back then, Tyrone was going out with a loud-mouthed black chick named Natasha Hermes who was mad jealous and didn’t seem to appreciate him. That’s why I came along to rescue him.

In this day and age, a good man is hard to find. Especially one who’s so sexy and smart. When I saw Tyrone, I just had to have him. One look at him and I swear I felt myself getting moist in funny places. I wondered what a fine stud like him was doing with a chick like Natasha. I’ll never understand that. Why do guys who are smart, good-looking and successful go out with crazy women with issues? You see it all the damn time. Why not go out with a woman with similar views, values and goals?

I assessed Natasha from afar before moving on her man. She lived in Dorchester and attended Emerson College. She was the first in her family to go to college. She also seemed like a really insecure type of chick. The kind of loser who calls her boyfriend’s cell phone sixty times in one weekend just because she’s paranoid and thinks he’s banging everything in sight. Tyrone wasn’t a player, not off the Soccer field anyway. He was focused on his school work and playing sports. He wasn’t a skirt chaser. Yet Natasha was always on his case. Like the jealous hussy that she is. So he dumped her. As soon as she was out of the picture, I moved right in. You see, all things do come to she who waits. And by she, I mean me, of course!

Thus, Tyrone and I started hanging out. We were just friends at first. We’d walk through the city, having fun at the movies or dining in restaurants. We often went Dutch. I know student-athletes at Division One schools are prevented from working by rigid NCAA rules. So quite often, the school’s supermen and superwomen who dazzle us at varsity games are actually quite broke. Me? I’ve got an allowance. My father, State Representative James Sumner gives me about four to five grand as spending money at the beginning of every semester. I liked Tyrone and I didn’t mind spending money on him. When I like a man, I like to be generous.

Tyrone is pretty cool. He has been in so many places and met so many interesting people. He has been to France with his parents and also visited Barbados and the Dominican Republic. This was a worldly and well-traveled gentleman. And he was so good to me. He shared what he had, and that was enough for me. We talked about a lot of important things and connected. I met his family. They were nice people. He met my father, who is a college soccer fan and thought the world of Tyrone. I was happy to see the most important men in my life getting along. Tyrone shared with me his dream of one playing Major League Soccer. And if that didn’t work, he’d tackle corporate America with the MBA he’d eventually get at Boston College. See what I mean? The man was smart, good-looking, talented, goal-oriented and driven. What woman in her right mind would let someone like that go? Certainly not me. I hung unto Tyrone as if for dear life.

I don’t quite remember when exactly we became a couple but it happened a couple of months after he split up with Natasha the jealous hussy. We were watching a movie in my dorm, sitting on my couch. I think we were watching The Godfather. I was raised by a single dad who loved action movies and male-centric dramas. I guess that influenced my taste in movies and television shows. I found myself drawn to TV series featuring smart, interesting male leads dealing with explosive situations such as CSI and Supernatural rather than chick flicks and movies like Sex And The City. The few female friends I’ve got found me weird but I didn’t care. Tyrone liked that about me. He told me so. I smiled and looked at him shyly. Next thing I knew, we were making out on my couch.

I hadn’t come prepared for a seduction, to tell you the truth. I wore an old blue Red Sox T-shirt and dark gray sweatpants. Totally casual. Yet Tyrone looked at me like I was the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. I saw that in his eyes and I responded in kind. We embraced, and began making love right then and there. We undressed each other hastily. I admired Tyrone’s fine, sexy body. Hot damn, he was fine! I proceeded to lick him from head to toe. I paid special attention to his manhood. It was both long and thick. Also, he was uncut. I like natural men. I played with his sensitive foreskin while sucking his cock and balls. He groaned in pleasure and urged me to continue. I worked my magic on him until he came, then I drank his seed. Licked him dry.

Afterwards, I got on top of Tyrone and lowered myself onto his member. I felt his cock enter my pussy and began riding him. Smiling, Tyrone wrapped his arms around me and began fucking me. I screamed and urged him to take me. And so he did. His powerful thrusts slammed his cock deep inside of me. We went at it like this for some time, then tried something else. This isn’t something I do with every man but Tyrone made me want to do things. I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. I wanted him to take me. And so he did. Tyrone positioned himself behind me. I felt him press his cock against my asshole. Gently, he penetrated me. The feel of his cock in my ass was wondrous. I completely surrendered to him, giving him complete access to my core. We sucked and fucked the night away. It was absolutely fucking glorious.

Afterwards, we tried something else. I got my strap-on dildo and asked Tyrone if he was down for kinky stuff. He said yes. I made him get on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. I eased the dildo into his ass. He grunted and I decided to be gentle with him. I fucked him nice and easy, sliding the dildo deep into his asshole. I could tell he liked it. It was a lot of fun for both of us. I’ve always wanted to fuck a black man in the ass with my strapon dildo. I fucked Tyrone until he begged for mercy. Then, I pulled the dildo out of him and kissed him tenderly. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Our first time was rough and tender, and I think we were just getting to know each other physically. It was a first in many ways for the both of us. Neither of us had ever gone this far with a person outside of their own race. I’d made out with sexy black guys but I’d never had sex with them. Not because of race but because the circumstances simply weren’t right. Meaning they were in relationships with other women, or I was in a relationship with another man. This time, though, everything was right. I was single and so was Tyrone. We were best friends who became lovers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And that, folks, is how I met my future husband. After graduating from Boston College, we got hitched and moved into a house together in Milton. I work for a publicly traded company in Woburn and Tyrone works for the state while attending grad school. We balance work and life. It’s not easy but it’s feasible. All is well that ends well.

Actors: Stormy Daniels

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