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Beth lived alone in a cabin on top of a large hill in a small town in Tennessee. She had recently lost her husband in a tragic logging accident. She locked herself away from the world after that, and refused to have anything to do with family or friends.

In the dark of a stormy night she sat reading in bed when a large strike of lighting sent white light through out the house, then the power went out.

“Damn,” she said as she fumbled around the bedside stand looking for the flashlight she had placed there for just incase this had happened.

Going down stairs Beth headed for the kitchen to retrieve the candles she had set out. Lighting a few candles around downstairs she heard a sharp knock at the door.

“Who in the hell can that be,” she said as she walked towards the door. Opening the door with a candle in one hand the light fell across the face of the most handsome man she had seen in a long time.

“Can I help you,” she said in a tone that probably sounded to snotty.

“Yes ma’am,” in a clearly masculine voice, he said he had been driving down the road when a bolt of lightning hit a tree and sent him steering his car off the road to avoid it.

“Do you have a phone I could use,” he said.

“The power is out,” she said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

“May I come in out of the rain then until the power comes on, I promise not to put you to any inconvenience,” his voice so very much masculine.

She moved away from the door, “Alright, but just until then.”

He stepped across room to stand at the back of the couch; she shut the door and walked towards the kitchen.

He cleared his throat and said, “My names Hugh Jasper.”

“My names Beth Caldwell, can I get you towel or something?”

“Yes that would be great, it’s nice to meet you Beth, thank you for allowing me to wait for the storm to pass,” he said as he followed her to the kitchen. Do you live here alone?

“Yes” she said turning to hand him the towel she had picked up off of the dryer. Not realizing he was so close she bumped right into him and instinctively he put his arms around her to keep her from falling.

He looked down into her face and smiled, she pulled away from him quickly and he moved away from her, “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. I am just not used to people being here. I haven’t had anyone in the house for a long time.

“Why,” he said stepping to the cabinet and using the towel to dry his hair.

“It’s a long story, not one I am interested in telling a complete stranger,” she said as she stormed across the kitchen floor heading to the living room.

Hugh stared at her as she crossed the room and wondered why a beautiful woman as her would want to seclude herself away, way up here.

He thought to himself, she was beautiful too, she had short brown hair, green eyes, a nice firm rounded ass, and her breast were something he would love to put his mouth to. He shook those thoughts off as he followed behind her to the living room, where she was setting up to light the fire in the fireplace.

Beth turned and noticed that he had followed her into the living room, returning to lighting the fire in the fireplace. Though she wasn’t cold it gave her something to do other than to stare at this man who had invaded her home. His stark black hair was nicely kept; he had a goatee, brown eyes, tall and well built. He looked as though he did construction or some other outdoor work.

Beth hadn’t had thoughts like these since before her husband died, and she was a little unnerved that she could be having them here in their home.

After starting the fire Beth sat down on the floor beside the fireplace. She looked over to see that Hugh had moved to stand beside her, then bending down he sat opposite of her on the floor.

She looked away into the fire, trying to stop the fire that was trying to start within her. He spoke first.

“Why is a beautiful woman such as you living here alone,” he said in a pleading voice.

“My husband died a year ago, I haven’t wanted to be around people, it’s just been too hard,” she said as a lone tear fell down her cheek.

He reached up and wiped the tear from her eye, she didn’t pull away this time, and he began to caress her cheek.

“It’s okay Beth, you’re not alone anymore. You can lean on me for a while if you would like. I have big shoulders for you to cry on if you need them,” he said as he sat up demonstrating their broadness.

She smiled at this, and he returned her smile.

“See that wasn’t so hard,” he said looking down into her green eyes.

“What wasn’t,” she returned.

“Smiling,” he said with a half laugh to his voice.

She felt more as ease with his presence then; they sat there and talked for a long while. She learned that he was on his way to town to look for a place to live. He was moving here from Texas, he was starting a new job in Nashville on Monday, but he hated living in the city. So he decided to find a small town within driving distance and find a home there.

He would drive back and forth each day, which he didn’t mind at all. She learned that he lived in Fort Worth from the time he was a teenager, went to Texas A & M. He graduated last year and had found a good job working for an engineering firm in Nashville.

Beth stood up and went into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator she looked for something to eat. Taking out some eggs, milk, cheese, onions she prepared to make omelets for them both.

He sat looking at her from his place on the floor, as she moved around the kitchen. He noted that sway she had in her hips, her nightshirt that she was wearing would ride up as she reached for the plates and cups from the cabinet. He could see the shape of her rounded ass cheeks just below the hem of the shirt, and her thick thighs, which tapered down to shapely calves. He was beginning to get rather uncomfortable sitting there watching her, so he tried to get his mind on other things than this beauty who was fast making his cock hard in his pants.

“Need any help in there,” he called.

“No, nearly finished. Would you like juice, soda, or milk with it?”

“Juice would be fine, thanks,” he said in return.

She walked across the room with a tray sitting it down on the ledge of the fireplace, we sat there and ate and talked.

She was nervously thinking to herself what he could be thinking about, that seemed strange to her. She just met this man, he came stumbling out of the rain, and yet after she began talking with him it was like they had known each other for a long time. She felt very at ease with him, his dark eyes burrowed into her, and she was becoming vastly aware of the wetness forming between her legs.

She was becoming very attracted to this man, and she wanted him badly. Whether it was from being so lonely here alone, or being with out sex or the contact from another living person in so long she didn’t know, she didn’t care. She wanted him.

She reached out and touched his arm, “thank you,” she said in a low voice.

“For what,” he asked?

“For helping me to get past the loneliness I have been feeling for so long, I feel as if I have known you for a long time, and I am so at ease with you here.”

“I am glad,” he said with a smile on his face, as he leaned down, he brushed her lips lightly with a sincere kiss.

She felt his lips touch hers and she became elated with pleasure. When he backed away from her, she leaned forward and kissed him, this time with more passion.

Her tongue licked as his lips, begging entrance, and he gave it. Opening his mouth, melting his tongue with hers, he deepened the kiss as he took her into his arms. Wrapping his arms around her, his hands moving over her back, and down to her ass, doing this made a moan of pleasure escape her lips.

He was so gentle, yet he yearned to take her with heated passion, but he knew she hadn’t been with someone since her husband’s death and wanted to make certain she was doing this for the right reason.

He pushed her away from him and he stood up, she was panting, looking a bit dazed and confused. When she looked up at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong if you’re doing this because you want to, but if you’re doing it because you’re lonely it’s not right. I don’t want to hurt you. I want you Beth but for the right reasons. Not just because I am a man, and your lonely. I want you to want me too.”

She did want him, and it was because she was lonely. But it was also because he was so gentle, warm, kind, caring and completely desirable.

She reached down and placed her hand in his and guided him back to the fireplace. She stood toe to toe with him, touching his face, his chest, as she went down his chest she undid the buttons on his shirt.

Looking up she smiled at him, leaning down to feather little kisses on his exposed skin.

Pushing his shirt over his shoulders and hit fell to the floor, Hugh knew it was what she wanted, and began to respond. He began by undoing the buttons on her nightshirt, one after another; he became very aware of her body.

He reached through her open shirt, and exposed the most beautiful pair of breasts he has seen on a woman in a long time. Her nipples were so perky and round. When he reached out to touch them, she sucked in a breath. He knew he was pleasing her then.

Melting together in a deeply passionate kiss they sank to the floor in front of the fire. Laying her back on the pillows he helped her out of the shirt. Looking down at her beautiful body, he leaned down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth, licking at it playfully. She had her hands in his hair, watching his movements on her body.

With one hand he moved to touch her mound, sliding his hand down her firm belly, his fingers coming then in contact with her pussy, sending shockwaves through her body.

She arched her back and reached for him, breathlessly she moaned his name.

But it wasn’t his name that she called.

This made Hugh stop. He pulled away from her, to look her in the face. She knew what she had done, and tears began falling. She rolled away from him, and curled up into a ball of sobbing tears.

Hugh wasted no time by lying beside her, stroking her back telling her it was okay. He understood and that she had no reason to be upset.

Beth knew he had every right to be angry with her, but yet he wasn’t. He was being his loving, caring self.

She rolled over to look in his big brown eyes, as he held her.

“Oh, Hugh I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know why I said his name. I want to be with you Hugh, I really do. I want you so badly. I know that Jerry meant everything in the world to me, but I know he would understand that it’s time for me to move on with my life. Can you please forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive Beth, you loved your husband, you feel close to someone else and you hope that he understands. As I do Beth, I want you too, so much.”

With that he pulled her close, and began to kiss her with more passion than he thought possible to give to another person. He had only known her for hours, but he to felt a connection between them.

With out hesitation she moved her hands down towards the fly of his jeans, pulling the zipper down, and sliding her hand inside. His cock was so hard; she didn’t know how his pants kept it in. Pushing his pants down past his legs, he pushed them off. Leaving them both naked on the floor in front of the fire, the heat of the fire was nothing compared to the heat that their bodies were giving off.

Beth slid her body down his, licking his skin as she slid down until her mouth was over his hard cock, opening her mouth and slid her tongue over the head, sucking it gently into her mouth. With this Hugh let loose with a sharp intake of breath. Loving her mouth on his swollen cock he reached down to take her head in his hands.

Caressing her face, touching her hair, moaning with each slide of her tongue over his engorged cock he slid his cock further into her mouth, and she responded by taking it as deeply as she could. Swallowing to accommodate his cock to slide down her throat and easily past her gag reflexes, to her amazement she was lost in total desire for this man she had just met only a few hours ago. But still his body felt like home to her and she loved each touch, each caress he played upon her body.

Unable to handle her administration to his cock any longer, he reached up pulled her on top of him, sliding her over his hard cock, kissing her passionately on the mouth he rolled them over, sliding off of her, he began to kiss, lick and suck on each of her hard nipples. Rolling them in his fingers, and teasingly he would flick them with his tongue.

Sliding his hand down her silky body, he moved over her mound with his fingers playfully touching her swollen pussy lips. Lowering his mouth to her pussy, his tongue out to lick, and tease at her lips.

Beth moaned with pleasure as he took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it greedily.

Hugh sucked and played with her clit until he felt shudders of pleasure moving through her body, Beth was moaning, sliding her hands over her breasts, her legs draped over his shoulder as his head was buried in her pussy.

After what seemed like a long time to her, Hugh moved over her body, touching her gently, his work worn hand moving over her skin until he was over her, looking into her eyes. Again, he kissed her; the passion in this kiss was more powerful than ever, as he moved his body to place his cock to her pussy. She looked up at him, with a smile on her face, and passion in her eyes, she nodded to him.

Taking her mouth again, as his cock entered her, they both moaned together as his first thrust went in. She began moving her hips to meet his thrusts. Moaning her pleasure at the feel of his cock inside her, lifting up on his hands he thrust his cock faster and deeper into her. With each thrust he watched the pleasure move over her face, watched how the emotions played across her beautiful face, and body. He continued to thrust into her as he lowered his head to suck on each of her nipples.

Beth wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing them over until now she was straddling him. She rose up and down on his cock; she looked down at him with loving passion in her eyes.

Hugh watched as she moved up and down on his cock, her breasts bouncing with each movement. He reached up and lovingly touched her face, then down her chest to touch each breasts. Playing with her nipples, his hand moving down her belly and down her side, helping her thrust harder and harder, he lifted his hips to meet hers.

They were both moaning, groaning and panting with pleasure as she began to ride his cock faster, knowing she was near orgasm, breathlessly she conveyed this to Hugh, he grabbed her hips roughly and began thrusting wildly upwards wanting to cum with her.

She threw her head back wildly as her pussy throbbed it’s release, her muscles clamping down on his engorged cock, he felt this and could not hold out any longer and his cock released his cum deep into her throbbing pussy. Panting and moaning they held onto each other tight as their orgasms died down. Touching and caressing each other. Kissing passionately, holding each other she rolled to his side and they laid there him spooning her.

“That was so wonderful, Hugh, I have not been so happy in such a long time,” she said running her hand down his forearm that was wrapped around her waist.

“The same goes for me, Beth, I know that this may seem sudden and perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but I will anyway. I think I might just be falling in love with you Beth,” he said as he leaned up on his elbow to look into her face.

Beth rolled over and looked into his eyes, “I think I could be in love with you too Hugh,” she said smiling as she leaned up to kiss his lips.

Overjoyed to have found love again, Beth let go of her fears, her pain, and her loneliness. She opened her heart again to have love and a new life filled with joy, love and family.

Hugh never had to look for a home; he had found it in that thunderstorm waiting for him to knock upon her door.

Actors: Stormy Daniels

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