Stormy Daniels

The final chapters in the story of how Coach Danial’s fucks his virginal soccer playing star student Melanie, bringing her to the brink of being bred.


My cock was slicing into Melanie’s freshly violated pussy with a staccato of thrusts, and as the bulbous head of my prick tore through the last vestiges of her cherry it seemed to quicken her cries, her moans, her contortions. I’d brought my little teenage soccer star to her very first vaginal orgasm, impaled from behind by my stiff 7 inch older man’s dick, and with her tentative first climax subsiding I decided she needed more than a hard fast ramming.

“How was your first cum Mellie…did coach make you feel good? All twitchy in your tummy and lower?” I probably sounded patronizing and teasing as I probed both with my questions and my cock, but Melanie was too absorbed in her physical reactions and her vulnerable position to pick up on my inflection. “It pleases me no end I was the one who popped you cherry Melanie, helped you to cum for the first time with a man’s dick wedged deep in you.” I wasn’t sure, but as I uttered these words the lithesome body of my student seemed to shudder, and I felt a stronger grasp by her sticky-walled cunt around my phallus.

“Oh sir…sir…Mr Daniels,” Melanie moaned “I…I don’t… this. Please don’t cum in me.”

Melanie simpered as she begged, but her pert backside pushed back at the same time, and her left hand didn’t leave its shy grip on my semen-heavy testes. I stopped squeezing her perky tits, relaxed my control of her waist, and brushed my right index finger along the cleft between her two bum cheeks.

“What’s that?” Melanie asked, a low sob in the back of her throat.

“Just a little extra stimulation Melanie. Lean forward, take a deep breath, and think of all those dollars you’ll get when I help you become a professional soccer player.” My finger touched the brown pucker of Melanie’s anus, and when I did this she involuntarily quaked.

“Oh please Mr Daniels…please stop this. I wanna go home!”

I couldn’t stop; my evil angels impelling me to first steal Melanie’s innocence, then to penetrate her without a condom, now made me rim her butt hole, dipping slowly inside the taut rubbery ring. Melanie squealed and shifted, her knees buckling and her torso twisted against the varnished teak of my desk. Yet even though she was sensing a new degradation of her 18-year-old body, and she knew she was being taken against her will, her physical stimulation counterbalanced all this shame and she uttered a low moan of pleasure.

“Uhhhhh…ohhhh sir. Stopppppppppp.” Melanie’s half-yearning, half-wailing imprecation came from her like a sigh, and as I inched forward with my finger inside her bum, my cock stabbed deep, mashing against her cervix.

“Fuck me back Mellie…push your sweet ass towards coach’s cock and finger. Uhhhh…fuck yes…opening you up so you’ll always remember the feeling of Mr Daniels screwing you.”

Melanie’s body twitched once…twice…three times. As it did, I felt a stronger pulse around my penis, buried as it was a good 6 inches past her pinkish, thick cunt flaps. “Yes…good girl. Cum for sir.” My free hand stroked her ass, then returned to massaging the erect nipple on her right tit. “You learn fast sweetie…very very fast!”

“Oh Mr Daniels,” Melanie mewled “I don’t like this…I hate you, but….oh no…fuck…” Her faint voice was wrought with her own confusion, sexual desire and shame. She whispered, as if she was talking to herself or to the gods themselves. “Fill me sir…don’t hurt me, but make me cum again.”

My ears burned, my balls rose in my sac and my cock seemed to stiffen further as I heard Melanie’s reluctant request for another orgasm. So, as I pumped rhythmically inside her pussy, my index finger inside her poop chute popped out with a slightly wet ‘plop’ sound, and I guided it under my shaft and put the tip against her clit. My uncovered cock speared inside her now sopping cunny, as I began to circle her bud with the smelly finger that had previously opened her back passage. Unhygienic yes, but another degrading step towards controlling and stimulating my teenage victim.

Chapter 7

Melanie’s soccer jersey was now bunched up at her shoulders, exposing her back to me and also letting me glimpse from an angle the crushed flesh of her teen tits, pushed down against my desktop. Her groans and moans of protest were more and more intermingled with gasps of pleasure. The wailing and sobbing that marked my first raping stabs up inside her now busted-cherry pussy were no longer to be heard. Melanie was whispering a guttural mix of low sensual cries, the occasional “no, oh no” or “please…sir” and for one heart-stopping moment, I swore she said “Fuck me deep…bang me harder!” I leaned over her exposed butt, my stomach pressing against her bare skin.

“Melanie…Mellie baby…you want coach to make you a star? Make you the biggest best thing to hit girls soccer? Want me to…” punctuating my questioning with three fast hard stabs of my dick and a rub of her clit, “…want me to give you more orgasms sweetie? Tell sir what you want…go on.” My mouth was close to her left ear, and I nibbled the lobe after I murmured my queries. Melanie’s eyes closed and opened, the blue corona round each pupil expanding with what I took to be erotic pleasure. “Yes Melanie…take Mr Daniel’s dick and feel how big and filling it is.”

“Oh sir…I never ever knew…uhhhhhhh.” The schoolgirl under me let slip a whimper and firmly jutted back into my lap, her thighs shaking and her cunt getting wetter. “I want you to use me…mould me…make me cum. Make me famous…make me rich…just FUCK ME.”

I’d won; the red headed soccer player who had excited me, teased me with her virginal body and her naïve willingness to do what I wanted on the field had been tricked, ravished and now conquered so that she knew that she had only one goal; to do what I wanted. If she ever made it into the national soccer team, or became a professional player in America, the origins of her sporting success would always be mixed in with her submission to me. And foregoing all the niceties of good society, or even the legal ramifications (which considering she was 18, 2 years older than the age of consent, possibly negligible), it made me feel incredibly powerful, amazing alive and desired, as I kept poking, probing, pushing my unsheathed prick into Melanie’s taut sopping cunt.

“Love fucking you Mellie…love drilling your cunt,” my voice grew hoarser, my breath a little labored, “and your pussy loves my dick huh?”

“Yes sir,” Melanie sighed “want another cum…want you to fuck me deep and long and hard Mr Daniels. Just….”

I withdrew my penis slightly from between her satiny inner folds “Just what Mellie?”

She looked back at me, her face flushed, her eyes red-rimmed but sparkling. “Just…please don’t make me pregnant. Please…”

I was almost touched by her plea. “You want me to pull out? Maybe cum on your back, or face…or somewhere else?”

“Uhhhh…my back please sir…anywhere but inside me. I know I’m probably ovulating. And if I get knocked up, people will ask questions.” Even now, with her pussy dripping and stuffed full of my invading cock, her molestation turned into a submission to my own libido, Melanie still wanted to win some concession from me. Retain some dignity, some control, some innocence.

“Well see baby…we’ll see.” I pumped again and again. “And perhaps even if I do shoot my spunk up you, there’s no guarantee you’ll be knocked up.” The tone of our conversation was laden over with sighs, grunts and groans. “Never ever wear a raincoat when I take a shower” I said partly to myself.

“Oh god…sir. Mr Daniel’s…you’re hitting my cervix. I swear…uh uh uh uh. FUCK FUCK!”

All the talk of my cumming was giving me that mad desire to shoot. My balls, hanging heavy with sperm, bounced against Melanie’s inner thighs, and I slowed down my fucking just enough to pull out totally from her ravaged cunt, to then slip it back in with a messy ‘slurp’ sound. Watching my 7 inches disappear between her pussy lips was the most beautiful, most erotic, most fucking hot thing I’ve ever seen. And I felt it too!

“Melanie…” I groaned.

“Yes Mr Daniels…ahhh…sir?”

“Cum for me and I’ll cum too. I’m nearly there.”

“Ohhh sir…remember…ahhhhhh…fuck…on my back please. Please sir…please.” Melanie panted and her body again began to shake. Her ass jumped and shuddered, and I felt her cunt walls close tighter round my engorged prick. “Don’t cum in me sir…I beg you!”

My teenage victim’s hopeful begging aroused me more and more. I could feel her pussy quivering, and as I reached back to cup her tits I was drawn deeper in her, not shallower. I wasn’t overly keen on knocking Mellie up, but the urge to dump millions of swimming spermatozoa up in her womb was incredibly hard to shake. “I’ll try…uh uh…try to pull out baby. Fuck…Fuck…yeah fuck me…FUCKING YOU…UHHH YES YES.”

“OH NO…DON’T CUM YET SIR!” Melanie squealed, her body trying pull away one last time. “Not inside me…not inside,” she chanted, cried, gasped, “not in my pussy…uhhhh…”

“OH FUCK YES…CHRISTALMIGHTYYYYYY!!” With an almost superhuman effort my dick retreated from its deeply nestled position at the opening to Melanie’s womb. As I felt the first incredibly powerful contraction in my balls, my cock slide out of her ravaged cunt, covered in a glistening film of pussy juice, blood and pre-cum.

“Thank you sir…oh thank you…” Melanie lowly keened as I grasped my dick and pointed it straight at her pulsating anus. Her butt hole was opening and closing a little, and her sobs indicated to me she was cumming, possibly just as much from relief as from sexual stimulation.

“Not this time,” I growled to her and to myself, semi-consciously promising us both another fuck session where maybe I would breed her. But this time we wouldn’t get her pregnant. “Gonna cum on your ass…YEAH…CUM ON YOUR POOP CHUTE.”

Almost yelling out my wicked promise, the first pulse of hot sticky spunk swlled my dick, then came splashing in a wet jetting spurt, hitting her right on her ring-hole. “UHHHHH…..FUUUUCK YES…CUMMMMING!” Then another clump of creamy baby batter spat on Melanie’s ass. And another…and another. It felt like a flood of cum was draining from me and dribbling down from Mellie’s goo-spattered bum.

“Thank you Mr Daniels…oh yes….ohhh…thank you.” Melanie moaned with relief and orgasmic pleasure. Looking down I saw her own right ring finger caught between her thighs, diddling her own clitty. Lost in my own humongous orgasm, I lost track of pleasing my little soccer princess. “OHHHH YESSSS!” Melanie shouted with a bestial cry, experiencing one last stomach-churning climax.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly I pulled away from Melanie’s cum-streaked bum, seeing a few rivulets of my spunk dribble down over her pussy lips. “Clean yourself up Melanie,” I harshly said with my own dirty desires satiated. “If you don’t want my kid growing inside you better wash that cum from your twat. Melanie looked back at me, rising gingerly semi-naked from the desk where I had violated her. Her face only just a lighter shade of red than her hair and her fully erect nipples.

“Was that okay sir?” she whimpered. “I did what you wanted didn’t I? You’ll help me get into the national team won’t you coach?” Melanie looked into my eyes, then cowed by my staring back she scrabbled for the cotton panties and her muddy shorts that lay a few feet away from the scene of her sexual submission.

“Yes…I suppose you did Melanie. But maybe,” I came back closer to her and cupped her tits, then kissed her gently on her lips “maybe we will need more ‘training’, more one-on-one sessions. I have to fill you in on some advanced…uhhh…techniques.” My guttural laugh sounded cold in the office, but Melanie knew deep down that what Coach Daniels wanted, from now on she’d do what he wanted. Her dreams of athletic glory merely served as a vehicle for my dream of fucking her again and again and again….


Actors: Stormy Daniels

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