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Alicia was 22 and had always lived with her parents her whole life, even through her college years, but that was all about to change. After graduation she had enough money to get herself her own apartment.

The Saturday of her big move Alicia invited some guy friends to help her do the heavy lifting, and her best friend Ruthie to help unpack and arrange the place. Everything was unloaded and the guys left at around eight that night, but Alicia and Ruthie kept working until about ten before crashing on the couch.

They lay at either ends and shared a blanket, and decided to stay there for they night because neither the bed nor TV were set up yet.

Ruthie was staying with Alicia for the night to make an occasion of the new apartment. Alicia had asked her hoping for something, maybe Ruthie’s body.

Alicia had always liked girls, but had never had the courage to be with one. When she had first met Ruthie her breath was taken away. Ruthie was then dating Alicia’s brother, but had since broken up.

Alicia didn’t know the details, but did know the reason her brother broke up with Ruthie was her refusal to have sex. This had given Alicia hope to the thought that maybe Ruthie was a lesbian, and was just going out with boys to appear straight. That would explain the reason Ruthie wouldn’t have sex.

As they talked Alicia let her mind wonder to Ruthie’s body: from her long blonde hair and beautiful face, to supple c-cup breasts, down to her flat stomach, and most of all to her ass, as Ruthie had the most gorgeous ass. It was round and perfect in every way.

Alicia’s biggest fantasy was to see it bare and touch the soft skin. Alicia was brought back to reality with the memory of why she had invited Ruthie over, and built up the courage to begin the conversation:

“So Ruthie, I know this is personal, but why didn’t you ever, you know, with my brother.”

“What? I don’t see how that’s any of your, wait, why did you ask me that?”

“I don’t know? I just found it a bit sort of weird. I mean, do you not like guys?”

“What? Of course I like guys!”

“Really? because I don’t. I like you.”

Ruthie began to smile, “Well, I like you to too.”

“I thought you liked guys,” a grin spreading across Alicia’s face.

“I lied. I didn’t know you were a lesbian! Have you ever been with another girl?” Ruthie asked breathlessly.

“No. Have you?”

“No, but it’s never too late to start.”

Ruthie peered at Alicia as her pussy began to dampen.

From the first time that they met Ruthie had longed for Alicia. Alicia was such a mature women and it turned Ruthie on so much. She loved Alicia’s dirty blonde hair and beautiful smile, her big, natural, d-sized breasts, her long thick thighs, and plump, beautiful ass. Ruthie was only 18 and fresh out of high school, but sitting on that couch looking at Alicia she knew she loved her.

Ruthie leaned in and met Alicia in the middle of the couch; Alicia touched Ruthie’s cheek and kissed her lips. Their tongues touched and swirled in each other’s mouths as Alicia moved her hand down to Ruthie’s crotch. Ruthie squirmed and looked uneasy.

“Alicia, do you shave, down there.”

Alicia smiled and said “No baby, but if you like we can both start now.”

“Sounds like fun.”

Alicia took Ruthie by the hand and led her into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with a few inched of water as Ruthie got nude.

As Ruthie stripped Alicia drank her body in; she watched as Ruthie slowly removed her pants and shirt to stand in her bra and panties. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, and Alexia noticed Ruthie had very small nipples to have such sizeable boobs.

Ruthie’s panties dropped to the ground to reveal her mane of blonde hair as she stepped into the water. She sat on the edge as Alicia applied some shaving cream to her hand before gently putting it on Ruthie’s special place. She applied the coat evenly and Ruthie enjoyed the first touch of a woman on her pussy.

Alicia took her razor and gently began to shave around the lips and spread out slowly for a clean cut, and by the end she had left only a triangle of hair above the pussy. Ruthie lowered her body into the water and washed the creamed from her and lifted back up. Alicia ran her hand through the small patch of wet hair and became wet herself”

“My turn.” Alicia said.

Alicia stood up and removed her shirt and bra and Ruthie stared intently at her massive breasts. She was so horny and turned on by Alicia’s large nipples and longed to have them in her mouth.

Alicia removed her bottoms revealing her wild bush as she stepped in the water. Ruthie applied the cream to Alicia just as it had been done to her, and Alicia tensed at the soft touch to her love button. The razor slowly cut away her pubes and by the end she had less hair than Ruthie as all that was left was a small strip leading down to her opening.

As she stood Ruthie took her thumb and ran it up the strip of dripping hair as her other hand ventured to her own pussy. They were both still dripping but neither cared as they headed for the couch.

Alicia sat Ruthie on the couch and straddled her and put her tits at her face. Ruthie smiled and squeezed Alicia’s breasts in her hands mashing them together. She let one hand go and began licking circles around Alicia’s large nipples with her tongue making it hard. She placed it in her mouth and sucked it hard driving Alicia mad.

Alicia smiled and slid down Ruthie to have her face in front of the freshly shaven pussy. She flipped Ruthie over placing her upper-body on the couch cushions and placing Ruthie’s ass in her face.

Alicia grabbed the meat in her hand and became wet because it was just as she imagined it. She used her other hand to place at Ruthie’s butthole. As she stroked Ruthie’s ass she added pressure to the forbidden hole and plunged her finger up to the first knuckle.

Ruthie moaned in delight as Alicia enjoyed the feeling of Ruthie’s tight hole sucking against her finger. She slowly moved in and out watching as the hole clung to her finger before letting it slide down, and then fight against her entry as she pushed in on the way back up.

She lifted Ruthie up higher to gain entry to her pussy, and stopped rubbing her ass to play with her clit. Alicia was now fingering Ruthie’s cunt and playing with her clit. She stuck out her tongue and licked the lips of Ruthie’s pussy. She pressed harder separating her lips to lick her pinkness inside.

She built up speed circling the clit and Ruthie felt the orgasm build. Ruthie couldn’t take the combination of the ass and clit play along with Alicia’s tongue. She reached back and grabbed Alicia’s head and pushed it into her mound feeling her tongue deep inside her.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

The orgasm exploded from her ass and cunt and spread through her body. Her muscles from her head to her toes spasmed in ecstasy. She shook and clamped her legs against Alicia’s head as Alicia’s continued to fuck her hard with her tongue prolonging the orgasm.

She grabbed her tits and screamed as she reached her apex and was brought down to a heap in the floor. Ruthie was breathing hard trying to catch her breath, feeling her swollen pussy pulse from her first ever orgasm.

Alicia licked her lips tasting Ruthie’s sweet cum. She had produced so much tasty fluid for a girl she didn’t think it possible. The taste of Ruthie was so sweet she reached down and wiped Ruthie’s pussy clean and licked he fingers dry.

“My turn Ruthie!” Alicia said.

“I don’t think I can get up.” said Ruthie.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to.” Alicia said and smiled.

Alicia moved to where Ruthie was lying on her back and got on her knees above her face, and she lowered her body until her pussy was hovering above Ruthie’s face. Ruthie stuck out her tongue and began to flick Alicia’s clit as she put her fingers in her pussy.

As she pumped her fingers in and out of Alicia, her other hand began to creep down to her own pussy. She began to finger fuck herself to the rhythm of Alicia. As she moved faster Ruthie wrapped her whole mouth around Alicia’s clit, and she sucked it hard and fast and she swirled it with her tongue.

As Ruthie started to suck her clit Alicia felt herself beginning to go over the edge. She reached down and pulled Ruthie’s fingers from her and pressed her mound against Ruthie’s face. She started to rotate her hips in small circles and ground on Ruthie’s face as she continued to suck her clit. Alicia felt her thighs and stomach tense into a knot, and with one last suck on her clitoris Alicia’s knot loosened. She had to roll to the side as to not come crashing down on top of Ruthie, where she moaned loudly and let her orgasm flow through her body. She reached down and covered the whole of her pussy with the palm of her hand, and she felt the vibrations of her shaking love button transfer to her palm.

As her moans subsided Alicia looked at Ruthie to find her with her fingers still inside herself. Her hand was a blur as Ruthie fucked her pussy so fast; Alicia crawled over and began to suck on Ruthie’s tits as she started to climax. Ruthie released her hand and drove her elbows into the ground as she screamed and arched her back. Alicia reached over and began to rub her clit as fast as she could to both intensify and prolong the orgasm.

Ruthie’s muscles tired and her body tremors ceased and she lay sprawled across the floor with Alicia still slowly licking her nipples. Alicia lifted up from Ruthie and smiled and said: “Well, that certainly was fun.”

“I know…and I also know that I love you.”

They embraced and kissed deeply and let their weariness take them to sleep in the very floor they had just made love.

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