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Spit roasting with Brandi Love

Slowly she begins stroking up and down on their cocks as their mouths continue working her tits, paying extra special attention on her nipples. Timmy begins to lie her down on the lounger and places himself between her legs, looking bewildered at her slightly wet pussy with the little tiny patch of hair just above her clit. Johnny positions himself at the head of her lounger and begins kissing her neck. Timmy lowers his head closer to her pussy and begins to lick it ever so long and gently. Johnny continues kissing her neck and takes his hands and starts massaging her tits and pinches her nipples with a slight painful pressure. The pinching does not bring her pain, but sends shivers through her body and down to her pussy as Timmy slides his tongue up and down her pussy.

After a few minutes, the boy’s trade places and she begin to feel Johnny’s goatee brush against her pussy. Timmy takes his rigid cock and points it at her mouth and begs for her to start sucking it. Without hesitation, she takes his cock into her mouth and she notice the sweet taste of precum seeping from his tip. Hungrily suck hard on his cock wanting more of his sweet taste. Brandi also notice that Johnny seems to be more experienced at eating pussy then Timmy is. Johnny likes to concentrate more on her clit, and slide a finger inside her moist wet pussy. Slowly he sucks her clit into his mouth and gently he swirls his tongue around her clit in a counter clock wise direction. Brandi swirl her tongue ever so gently around the head of Timmy’s cock and take the tip into her mouth and grasp it with her hand and give his tip a good hard suck in her mouth.

The pressure of her sucking makes his body quiver and shake. Timmy tries to ram his cock into her mouth, but her hand holds him back from going in any further. With a few more strokes on his cock from her mouth and hand, Timmy’s body begins to shake harder.

Brandi notices that he is about to cum, she pull his cock from his mouth and she begin to stroke his cock over her tits. With a fast hard pace, her jerk his cock as he shoots a lot of sperm all over her tits. Timmy’s cum practically covers her entire areola on her left tit and a puddle is built up in her cleavage between her tits. Timmy backs off from Brandi and she takes her left hand and begins smearing his cum all over her body. With the feel of his cum, and Johnny’s faster pace of her clit, she begins to start having an orgasm of her own. Johnny notices her pussy is getting wetter and begins to suck harder on her clit. He then begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy faster and harder. Her body begins to shutter and she reaches between her legs and grabs Johnny’s head and pulls him closer to her pussy. Brandi thrust her pelvis upwards toward his mouth as she scream in ecstasy.

Actors: Brandi Love

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