Mom Brandi Love Gets Caught Teaching Bella Rose

Chapter 6: The Mixer

After the last “club function” Alex didn’t contact us for a couple of weeks. In some ways it would have been comforting to find that he was feeling sorry for the way his business associates had treated Sherry and was giving her a break, but in reality I think he was out of town. At least I hadn’t seen him at work and I heard rumors that he was helping ‘trouble-shoot’ some problem on one of the company’s bigger contracts. So I expected more cruelty yet from him in the future.

Finally he returned and left a note on my desk that the ‘club’ was having a ‘mixer’ at his place in one week and we were both expected to attend. More like required to attend. The note also said that we would be contacted before the event to inform us what the ‘dress code’ would be. Great, he was even going to dictate what we wear. Just fucking wonderful. We were to drive around the back to leave room out front for the members.

The day before the ‘mixer’ a letter arrived with the details on how we were to dress, when to arrive, and what was expected of us. Sherry was to wear one of the outfits that Alex had bought for her: a black bustier that held up her tits but didn’t cover them, a tiny black thong, fishnet stockings, and 3″ black pumps. I was to wear a jeans and a white t-shirt, but would apparently be given a different shirt when I arrived.

Sherry would be available to any and all members, of course, and had to do whatever she was told. I was to stay with her and assist her as necessary unless otherwise instructed. We were to arrive at 5:30pm which was a half an hour before the members so that we could be prepped for the evening. I was worried what ‘prepped’ meant.

We arranged for Sherry’s sister Beverly to babysit for us again. I put a button-up shirt on to avoid questions on why I was going to a party dressed so casual, and Sherry put on a long dress over the lingerie. When we arrived at Alex’s house I ditched the shirt and Sherry took off the dress and threw it in the car. Now were both glad that we were parked in back since all my wife’s assets were pretty much on display in that outfit.

As we walked up to the house several other couples arrived. They were dressed identically, except the men all had a woman’s name on the front and back of their t-shirts; their wife’s name I guessed. Alex’s letter didn’t say anything about that, but I was concerned that I had missed something and was now in trouble.

I shouldn’t have worried, though, because when we got inside Alex threw me a blue t-shirt and told me to put it on. Like the others, it had my wife’s name emblazoned on the front and back in large black letters. I guess in this venue I was just “Sherry’s husband”, or maybe “Sherry’s wimp”. This pissed me off and I wanted to strangle someone, but that’s probably what they wanted, so I tried to stay calm and keep my head on straight.

After all the “MILFs” arrived Alex gathered everyone in his huge kitchen and gave us the “pre-event briefing” as he put it.

“All right. We have a couple of new MILFs since our last event, Yvonne and Sherry.” He announced and pointed out my wife and a petite blond. “We also have a few new members as well. Because of this there is no theme to this event like there normally is. Instead I just want everybody to get acquainted, so I’m calling this a mixer. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have some interesting party games arranged, but the evening will be less structured than our normal events.”

This made me wonder what the normal events were like, but I didn’t get much time to ponder that as Alex continued with his “briefing”.

“For the new MILFs and their hubbies, I’ll go over the basic event rules. Husbands, stay with your wife at all times. You are to assist her as needed, either at her request or that of a member. Like her, you can’t refuse any request. You are allowed to eat and drink only if given permission by a member. MILFs, you will obey all the members, of course. You are allowed to drink water as needed to maintain your hydration, and of course there is the obligatory glass of wine after this briefing. At the end of the event the members will vote for the hottest MILF and the winner will receive a nice prize, so keep them happy tonight.”

With the briefing finished Alex handed each of the women a glass of wine and admonished them to finish it before the members arrived. This also allowed us to chat with the other couples a little bit. Sherry seemed to gravitate to Yvonne, maybe because she was new to the club as well. I liked Yvonne and her husband Mike; they seemed to be very nice people and seemed to be more scared then we were. I felt sorry for them for being in this situation. I also met Jill and her husband Drew. I liked Jill, but Drew seemed like a jerk. I know this was a stressful situation, but I thought he should be supporting his wife more.

When the members had all arrived Alex called us out into the living room and introduced Sherry and Yvonne as the new MILFs. Apparently the new members needed no such introduction. After that Alex announced that the MILFs would now “mingle” with the members and that the party games would be revealed later. There were about fifteen or twenty men in the living room, all hungrily eying our scantily clad wives.

Sherry wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so she just followed the rest out into the testosterone filled room. I don’t remember everything that happened, nor would I have room to recount it all, so I’ll just give you a summary. As the women circulated among the men they were groped and pawed at almost continually. The men were mostly in the 30-50 year-old range, white, and trim. There were a couple of heavier men, one of which, Carl, was a real piece of work. There was also one black man, about 40 years old and in great physical shape that must have been a football player or something when he was younger. More about them later.

After the initial gawking, grabbing, and groping period was over the men got down to some serious sex. I remember Sherry’s first fuck; she was talking to a geeky looking guy when he went down on his knees and started licking her pussy saying that he wanted to get to it before it got “messy”. I watched him mash his face into my wife’s sex, licking and slurping with abandon. After a few minutes of this my wife’s face contorted into a mask of pleasure and little moans escaped from deep in her throat. Then he suddenly stopped. “Hey, you,” he said, looking at me, “hold her leg up for me.”

I stepped over to them and Sherry lifted up her left leg to give him more access and I held it up while she put her hand on my shoulder for balance. He started sawing first one, then two fingers in and out of her wet hole while he continued his attack on her clit with his tongue. I couldn’t believe that I was helping him molest my wife, but that was the least of my humiliation that evening.

Sherry started making noises and shaking like she was going to cum, and he stopped again. She whimpered, but didn’t say anything. Smiling cruelly he told me to get behind her and hold her up. Then he spread her legs and pushed her back into my arms. From this position he shoved his hard cock, which looked to be average size, into her well lubricated pussy. I watched as the first of what I was sure would be many cocks that night entered her. This position was very uncomfortable for me and I suspected for my wife as well, so it was fortunate that he did not last long.

After depositing his sperm inside Sherry, he forced her to clean up his slimy cock with her mouth and then just walked away. She gave a couple of blow jobs and was fucked once more before round one was over and all the members took a break to drink, eat, and probably recover from their first orgasms. I had a feeling the night had just begun.

When they were done eating Alex gathered everybody up into the living room and announced that it was time for the first party games. “But first, the MILFs need to be cleaned and prepped.” He said. “So hubbies: get to it.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but the “veteran” couples apparently did, so we followed them into the middle of the room. The wives laid down on the floor and their husbands knelt down between their legs and started to lick their pussies clean. Only Sherry and I and Yvonne and Mike were still standing. We looked at each other, all of us obviously not crazy about this part. Sherry probably saved us punishment by taking Yvonne’s hand, leading her to an open spot on the floor, and laying down on her back. Mike and I moved over to our wives and joined them on the floor.

I got down on my knees and bent my head down towards Sherry’s bare, puffy pussy. Understand, I’m not squeamish and I generally like the smell of my wife’s juices, but now it reeked of other men’s jism. Even though this was making me sick, I knew I had to do this or Sherry would be punished, so I stuck out my tongue and dove it. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, but I still almost thew up. While I was doing this Alex reminded us that we should “warm them up” after they were clean, so after all the vile residue stopped leaking out of her hole, I gave her clit some attention.

Before any of the wives were allowed to cum, Alex ordered us to stop and stand up. All the members now had full or partial erections and looked ready for more sex. The first party game, Alex explained, would be “pin the tail of the MILF” and was obviously a version of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Each member that wanted to play would first select a MILF. She was to get him completely hard with her mouth, if necessary, and then climb up onto a padded bench and get on all fours. The member would then be blindfolded by the husband, spun around a few times, and then sent in the general direction of the MILF. The object of the game was for the member to find the MILF and fuck her from behind. The catch was that they could not use their hands, only their cocks. They were allowed to fuck her as long as they wished, but even then they could not use their hands.

The members started picking the woman they wanted to play with and the big black guy picked Sherry. He was only at half-staff, so she got onto her knees and took his cock into her mouth to get him fully hard. The contrast between his black cock and her pale skinned face (Sherry is full Norwegian) was the first real erotic thing I’d seen so far at this “mixer”. This was the first time I’d seen Sherry with a black man and I was intrigued. Now understand that Sherry and I think that racism is irrational, but we had grown up and gone to school in areas where there just weren’t a lot of black people around, so the opportunity to date a black man before we were married just never came up.

As an aside, I personally believe that there is only one race of people on the planet: the human race. Sure there are some outward regional differences, like skin color or eye shape, but those things don’t matter when making decisions about people.

Once he was completely hard it was obvious that he didn’t fit the stereotype about black men; his cock was only of average size. Hell, from what I’d seen already there were at least two other men here that were larger. While my wife climbed up onto the padded bench that Alex had provided, I tied the dark blindfold around his head and spun him around a few times. I had thought of sending him off in the wrong direction, but decided against that course of action, afraid of the potential punishment that Sherry would suffer.

He slowly walked forward, his hands behind him and his hips thrust forward. I didn’t blame him for taking his time; bumping up against something with your hard dick could really hurt if you were going too fast. He was a little off by the time he got to the bench and his first contact with Sherry was just a light brushing of his cock against the outside of her right ass cheek. He swept it left and right, trying to get his bearings and it didn’t take him long to figure out that he needed to veer left. Soon he was stabbing at the space between her legs, trying to find her wet hole. Once he must have hit her bung hole instead because Sherry jumped and cried “Ow!”

“Well, help me out then,” he said in frustration, “that’s not against the rules.”

Sherry opened up her legs a little more and changed the angle of her hips a bit, but he still couldn’t hit the bulls-eye. Finally she gave him directions. It sounded something like this: “Left, down, more, no back to the right, up a little, close, there right there, yes!”

I watched as his black meat slowly slid into my wife’s bare pussy and then back out almost completely before pushing it back in. He did this several times and then taunted me. “You like watching your wife take some black cock, hubby?”

“No.” I lied.

“You’re a liar!” he retorted. “I know all you white guys fantasize about your white wives taking black cock.” And then he laughed as he put his hands on his hips and increased his tempo. “Come on, fuck me back bitch.” He demanded.

Sherry started pushing back against his cock every time he thrust forward and I could hear their bodies slapping when they slammed together. He was really pounding into her and yet after a good ten minutes of vigorous fucking he wasn’t even breathing hard. Suddenly he stopped and I thought maybe he had gotten tired, but instead said “Hey, hubby, your wife is cumming on my cock. Maybe you should get her black meat more often.” Sure enough, Sherry was shaking and biting her lip, trying not to cry out as her orgasm swept over her.

After that he pulled out and said maybe if she was lucky he’d give her more later. He walked off chuckling to himself. Another guy lined up immediately to play the game with Sherry and I busied myself getting him started. He had a smaller than average cock, but he was able to get it into my wife’s pussy much quicker than the black guy had. Go figure. He fucked her for a long while and as far as I could tell really enjoyed himself. Eventually he complained that he was getting tired and stopped. He didn’t cum either. Like most men, he had a lot of staying power after his first orgasm.

Nobody else wanted to play the “pin the tail” game anymore and the party settled into the “normal” routine of molesting the women. I lost count of how many different men put their cock into one of Sherry’s holes, but I think only one of them came. After a while, I’m ashamed to admit, I became almost used to it. Maybe that’s just a natural defense to keep from going crazy. Maybe it’s just an excuse. Who knows.

While I was mainly concerned about what was happening to my wife, a few other couplings stand out in my mind. I recall one where the woman was bent over the arm of the sofa, her pussy getting plowed into from behind. At the same time she was sucking on the cock of the man that was sitting on the sofa. The crazy part was that the man getting the blow job was watching TV like this was a daily occurrence!

In another depraved situation Yvonne was put through some sort of rape fantasy. She was on her back on the floor as one man roughly fucked her and another one was cruelly twisting and pulling on her nipples. To round out the picture her husband held her hands above her head as if he was one of the rapists. They were calling her filthy names and taunting her saying that she deserved what she was getting for teasing them and dressing like a slut. Just to complete the humiliation of the poor couple they made her husband Mike repeat some it as well. She was fighting back the tears, but was only partially successful. This, of course, only stoked the fantasy of the two members, making them treat her with even more cruelty. Fortunately for her Alex stepped in and warned them to tone it down a bit; he didn’t want her hurt. The reluctantly obeyed Alex’s instructions, but Yvonne was still crying when it was all over.

The next game started up, somewhat appropriately, in the game room. One of the members grabbed Sherry and said “Come on, it’s time to play MILF twister.” I groaned inwardly as another cherished childhood game was twisted for their perverted pleasure. Here’s how it worked: A member picked a MILF to play. She was fitted with a remote-controlled clitoral vibrator, sometimes referred to as a “butterfly” because of a superficial resemblance to the insect. The women were treated like gladiators as the men challenged each other to a game. At the start of the game the vibrators were turned off. The game was then played more or less normally with each woman tying to put the correct body part on the correct color on the mat as determined by the spinners. The big difference was that after each successful round, the vibrators were turned up one notch.

We had to stand and watch several games while waiting for Sherry’s first match. None of the poor women made it past the third round. Someone always collapsed from the awkward position and unrelenting stimulation of their clitoris. Finally it was Sherry’s turn. I thought that she might do well since she was a gymnast in high school. She wasn’t one of the squad’s stars, but she was pretty good and had maintained a fair degree of flexibility since.

Sure enough, she easily beat her first challenger, Karen, in the third round. She also had the next game which was against Yvonne. This game went to the fourth round, but again she won handily. From what I could tell the vibrators had only five speeds, so she was near the maximum at the end and still maintained her composure. When Sherry got up though, I could see she was breathing hard and was quite flushed. I guessed that the vibrator was getting to her since the physical exertion was not enough to explain her appearance.

Fortunately she got a break for a couple of games and calmed down a bit. I wasn’t really paying attention, but apparently Jill was also winning all her games, so they decided that there should be one final match against Sherry and Jill. The winner would get a short break from the party and some food and drink for both the MILF and the husband. Both women got a determined look in their eye and stepped over to the mat.

As expected the game was close. Both women were in pretty good shape and quite limber for their age. By the fourth round they were both straining to keep their balance while the vibrators buzzed away on their sensitive “on buttons” as the men called them. The next move would be tricky for each of them, but for Sherry required that she twist around and push her hips up while she arched her back. This put her pussy, with the butterfly vibrator strapped to it, lewdly on display. But it also had the effect of pushing it into her body even more. Both women successfully made the move, but when the vibrators were set to full they both moaned and started shaking. When Sherry started to cum I thought for sure she would fall over, but no, she somehow held her position and rode it out! I was impressed; hell everybody was. Just as they spun for the next round, though, Jill slipped and fell, leaving Sherry the winner.

I helped my trembling, sweaty wife up off the mat and stripped the vibrator off of her. Then Alex led us to the kitchen and told us we could have whatever we wanted except alcohol and said he’d be back in twenty minutes or so. We were both hungry and thirsty and took advantage of our good fortune, for which I thanked Sherry several times. We chit chatted a little bit, but since we knew that Alex liked to record everything that went on in his house, we didn’t say much.

True to his word, he returned for us twenty minutes later and informed us that our time was up and to return to the party. At this point things were in a kind of coasting mode; everybody seemed to be taking a break from the more energetic sex. Mostly there was just fondling and touching going on. We wondered around a bit and Sherry wound up being pulled down next to Carl, easiest the largest (not tallest) man there.

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