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Readers, I try to make my stories as good as I can before publishing. However, I have been off the grid for over a month and am about to go off the grid again, so I am rushing this out. Please excuse (but feel free to comment on) shortfalls.

From chapter 5:

The screen closed. Pri stepped to the side and sagged on her bed. Holtzum Hall was one of the busier buildings on campus. Art History ended right in the middle of the morning, when the most students were around. She would most likely have to masturbate while other girls were in the restroom with her. Her head was spinning in despair. And on top of it all, her body was tingling. Her panties were soaked. She finally pulled herself together and went back to her seat. No chat window was opened, leaving her alone with her thoughts. She tired to console herself by focusing on the knowledge that the men weren’t real, they were just virtual avatars like her blackmailer had said. But those voices sound so life like, so much better than any computer generated voice she had ever heard. She wondered if there really were men sitting in an unseen office watching her as she confessed to them. And tomorrow the men said they would be watching her as she masturbated. A shiver ran down her body to her clit at the thought.


Priyanka Dorjee sat in Art History and tried to focus. Her efforts remained in vain, as she could not get past the pit in her stomach. The hour of her punishment was soon to arrive, minutes seeming to slow. She was so unnerved that her edge the previous night had been extremely difficult. Her morning edge had also been hard as she futilely tried to push the thoughts of what she would have to do later out of her head. In the end she gave up and embraced the humiliating fantasy of strange men watching her masturbate, causing her peak quickly. Now, with the fantasy about to become a reality, her stomach was in knots. Finally the class ended and she resolutely walked out to find a stall to accomplish her task. As she left the classroom, Jenny ran up to her and tried to engage her in conversation, but she managed to deflect her friend.

Pri had scoped out the building and while it was full of students, some areas were less trafficked than others. She ascended to the top floor, a space used for offices, and slipped into a restroom. In addition to being away from the more traveled spaces, it was also a relatively small restroom with only two stalls. She chose the non-handicapped stall and began preparing herself. She couldn’t help but notice the size of the gaps around the door, debating briefly whether she should move somewhere else. Deciding against it, she placed her laptop on the toilet paper holder, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties, and sat down. She opened her laptop, spread her legs and started to finger herself.

A movement on the screen drew her attention as a program opened. Four avatars appeared across her screen, each of a man’s face looking at her. They looked like the faces she had presented to, although now she was seeing them up close and not from across the room. She swallowed, unsettled by their silent gaze. They’re just avatars, she reminded herself, just computer generated animation. They didn’t make any attempt to speak, but she muted the volume anyway. She tried to look away but had no where else to look, her eyes drawn repeatedly to their almost expressionless faces. She was acutely aware of her surroundings, the bright lights, the hum of the ventilation system, pictures four men watching her. She had never masturbated anywhere other than her bedroom, so her environment was a little unsettling.

She looked again at the men, imagining they were real and in a distant office building where her webcam was up on their computers. They sat at work, taking a break out of their day to scrutinize her masturbation session. She looked at their faces, the older white man with the salt and pepper hair, the younger tan man. They moved a little as they watched her, hands steepled under a chin, an absent brush of hair. She allowed herself to fall into the fantasy, imagining them sitting quietly in their offices watching her. Were they getting excited watching her? She felt a flush of arousal at the thought of her turning on powerful men.

Suddenly the door opened and someone entered the restroom. Pri turned and clamped her thighs together, instinctively smoothing her skirt. She saw a brush of movement through the gaps in the stall as the woman went by. She went straight to the sink and washed for awhile, Pri’s ear pricked to hear every movement. The woman left and Pri turned back to her audience, who were still sitting silently, watching and waiting. She drew her breath, spread her legs, and restarted. The fantasy came easily now, the men were the fathers of the boys in her study group. They were judging her on whether she’d make a good girlfriend for their sons. Her fingers increased their pace as she imagined them sharing their findings with their sons later.

The idea was pure sin, having to study with the boys later, having no idea they knew how she masturbated. She would be going over organic chemistry while they would be focused on hormonal responses. Her breathing accelerated as she circled her clit, staring at the men, trying to hold back a whimper. She slid a finger into her pussy, flinching as she started to pumped it in and out in time with her other hand. Just as she approached her crest, big, bold red letters flashed on the screen: STOP.

Pri pulled her hands away, shocked and confused. A timer appeared on the screen, counting down. She hadn’t even considered the possibility of being made to stop. She wondered how many times they would play this game, having her rush to the brink of orgasm and then pull away. She had a class in half an hour, surely they wouldn’t have her skip class. Worse, class change was in 20 minutes, meaning other girls might enter at any time. The clock finally wound down and a big green BEGIN appeared on the screen. Her hand dropped to her pussy, starting once again to bring her body to a boil.

She settled on another fantasy. Maybe these were the Deans of the various Medical Schools she would be applying to. Her held back a moan as she slipped a finger into her pussy. They would be reading her application and consulting the video to decide if they should admit her. She would meet them at new student orientation, knowing full well why there was a smirk on their face as they shook her hand. She looked at the salt and pepper haired man again, noting how he somehow looked crisper than the avatar he had started with. The other men seemed crisper also. Distracted for a moment, she slowed her fingers as she studied their silent faces. They definitely were still avatars, but seemed somehow less cartoonish than at the start. Their eyes in particular seemed more focused. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt like she was really being watched.

She studied their faces anew, pulling her hand away from her clit. She tentatively waved at them, drawing no response. Somewhat reassured, she settled back, closed her eyes and started to rub herself again. She recreated the fantasy of them controlling her admission into Medical School, she opened her eyes to look at them, and again they seemed even more life like. One man licked his lips, and it looked completely natural. His face seemed even more in focus, lips and eyes almost looking clear. The perimeter of his face and his hair still seemed to computer generated. She studied the other faces, irises clear in their eyes, eyelashes distinct. She wavered for a moment, trying to decide what to do. A knot formed in her stomach as she pushed on. It’s not like I have a choice, if I fail I’ll be exposed.

She closed her eyes and tried to settle into a fantasy so she could finish and be done. Her fingers picked up their pace as she recalled a porn video of a girl sucking a guy’s cock. She glanced as the screen again and the faces had sharpened even more. Her eyelid slammed shut as she tried to block out what she had seen. She tried as hard as she could to focus on the memory of a hot video, willing her mind to concentrate on sexual pleasure. Soon, however, curiosity and doubt pushed their way into her head and she looked back at her screen. The faces were almost completely human. And they were looking right at her. Oh God, they’re watching me! She stared at their hungry eyes in disbelief as the humiliation of pleasuring herself in front of four men poured fuel on her arousal. As her brain reeled from the realization of what she was doing, her body started to tense. Her orgasm burst into her mind as she stared at four men, now clearly real men and displayed on her laptop in HD. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body as she stared at them, unable to tear her eyes away. The men were now obviously watching her, satisfied grins slowly appeared on their faces as she came. Finally she could take no more and she pulled her fingers away, shaking from her orgasm and embarrassment, spent.

She panted in a daze as she stared at the four men, who one by one smiled and gave her a polite golf clap before closing their video feed. She was left alone in the stall, staring at four black rectangles on her screen, her mind reeling. She knew enough about computer generated images to know those men were real, and she had just performed for them. Was her blackmailer one of them? He had promised to keep it just between them! Who were the other men? Finally she slammed her laptop shut.

The rest of the day was a blur as she tried to come to grips with what had transpired. She couldn’t believe she had been betrayed like that. At deep level, she knew she was powerless in this game, but she had always held on to the hope that her humiliations were only being experienced by her blackmailer. Now she had been exposed to strangers. Who were those men? Were they here on campus? Was she going to meet them? The fantasies she had used to bring herself to an orgasm now held a sinister edge in her mind. What if they really were the Deans of the medical schools she was going to apply at? What if they were her professors next year? She wouldn’t even be able to tell anyone. Back in her room that evening, a chat window opened.

Good evening, beautiful

“Don’t you good evening me, you promised that this would stay between us!” she hissed.

Wait, what?

“You lied to me, telling me this was just between us. You had me do…do that with other men! You lied to me!”

I think one of us is misremembering things.

“No I’m not. You said this would stay between us. Who were those men?”

Gah! You pets are always so frustrating with your half baked assessments. I’ve been crystal clear: this stays between us if you follow the rules. You didn’t follow the rules, so you were punished. How could you not understand that? How could I have been any more clear?

Pri’s mouth opened mutely several times as she processed his statement. He had, indeed, told her that it only stays between them if she followed the rules.

“But…I…you said that…that I would be presenting to a computer program, not real people!”

You were presenting to a computer program…??? And I know I never said you wouldn’t be performing for real people, I’m sure of that. I’m really not getting what you’re not getting.

“You said they would be avatars! Didn’t you? I thought…” She stared silently at the screen for awhile as she tried to recall exactly what had transpired. Searching her memory, she came up blank for any evidence he had lied to her. “I just thought…”

You know, I try really hard to be clear and fair. And then this happens. You know you broke a rule. I thought I was being very generous in not posting videos as a punishment. I think this alternative was the best for all parties involved.

“Who…who were those men?” she whispered.

It’s not important. You will probably never meet them. She frowned in resignation. Well, I see you need some time to process all of this. I’ll leave you be. Good night, beautiful.

Late that night, Pri stared up into the darkness at the camera over her bed, recalling the events of the day. She had just completely humiliated herself as she masturbated for four men after confessing to them what a bad girl she had been. Her rational mind was horrified, and yet her body was already begging for another orgasm. She took her time getting to her edge, replaying the scene over and over in her head, powerful men casually watching her masturbate. This time, after her edge, she put extra effort into smacking her bad pussy that was getting her into so much trouble.

Still conflicted the next morning, she went about her day, slowly finding a sense of normalcy in her routine. Fortunately, this time she only rolled a ‘2’ and her email was easily deleted. Later that afternoon, shortly after returning to her room, a chat window opened.

Good afternoon, beautiful


How was your day?


Just good?

Pri sighed, sensing that he trying to be nice. “Yeah, classes, new assignment. Nothing too bad.”

Well, I have a task for you. You still have the gift bag?

“Yes, right here,” she said and held up the bag containing the lingerie she had bought for another girl.

Good. Take it to the third floor of Sasser. Are you familiar with the building? Good. Near room 314 there is a common area. Place the bag under the seat closest to the window and send me a picture of it.


Grace’s stomach clenched as she heard her phone chime from a text from her sextortionist. She never knew what to expect, only that she had to respond quickly. The time she had delayed in answering he had forced her to change the background of her cell phone to a naked selfie. Now she had to keep her phone tucked in her pocket out of fear of a passerby might see her screen. She pulled her phone out and checked the message.

Pet, I have present for you. Go to the third floor of the Sasser building and send me a selfie when you get there.

Grace arrived ten minutes later, the building largely deserted now that classes were out. After sending the required selfie, he directed her to the common area. Under a chair she found a gift bag. She swallowed in apprehension, wondering what was in it. Another text came in.

Take it to Ladies Room and open it and send me a selfie.

She nodded and headed out to the restroom. The bag was beautifully packed, clearly with care. Two wrapped items, held together with a ribbon, were inside. Grace’s eyes arched as she unwrapped the first item, a lacy white teddy and with red roses. The second was a matching panty. She clicked a selfie while holding them, suspecting what was about to happen.

These are for you. Try them on now and send me a selfie set.

Grace’s heart raced as she glanced at the unlocked door of the restroom in a public building. Someone could come in at any time. Knowing she had no choice, she retreated to a stall and put on the lingerie. Slipping out cautiously, she pulled out her phone and quickly took the required six selfies. She jumped back into the stall, dressed, and sent out the pictures.

That night, laying in bed, Grace contemplated her predicament. Suddenly she had a insight. The bag. There was no way a guy put that bag together. A guy would have just stuffed them in the bag from the store, likely with the tags still attached. That bag had been lovingly crafted by a girl. Grace realized she was being blackmailed by a girl. All the lesbian porn she had been forced to watch now made sense, as did the diary prompts she was responding to. She now had irrefutable proof she was being blackmailed by a lesbian right here on campus. She wondered if the security tapes would show who it was.


The next night, Pri was finishing up her school work when a chat window opened.

Good evening, beautiful


How was your day?

“Good. Got some work done. Did that girl like her present?”

I think it was very well received, thank you. Would you like to see a picture?


A picture popped up of a girl taking a selfie in a restroom. Her face was blocked out, so Pri couldn’t tell what she looked liked, but the outfit looked fantastic on her.

“Wow, she looks great.”

Yes she does. You made an excellent selection. She was so excited she couldn’t wait to try it on. Ready for a study break?

“Yeah, I think I’m finished for tonight.”

I see you remembered to delete your email again.

“Yes, just barely, I rolled an 11! That only comes along five times an hour.”

See, isn’t it fun?

“No, I hate it.”

Anyway, I have a new program I want to try out on you.

“Twerking practice?”

No, this is a little different. It’s a dance game.

Pri followed his instructions and downloaded an app to her phone. The app turned her phone into a controller, which along with her fitbit was used to track her dance moves. She then set up her room so that she was against the featureless background of her closet door. The game was a simplified version of the dance pad games she used to play as a kid. This version didn’t require a dance pad. She played a few games to get the hang of it, and then the real games started. While dancing, instructions would come up for her to take off an article of clothing. It was kind of like an adult version of the dancing game. Points were awarded for continuing to dance while stripping and deducted when she fell off the rhythm. After every song she got dressed again and started anew. All in all it was a blast, the most fun she’d had in ages. The on screen animations were hilarious. The program even asked her to take off her bra before taking off her shirt, and doing that while dancing and holding her phone was quite a challenge. Erotic dance moves were also incorporated, and she followed the avatars on the screen as best she could. By the time she was done she had built up a sweat. Still glowing, she got ready for bed, edged herself, and went to sleep.

On Thursday morning she met up with Amy for their morning run. As they jogged and chatted, two guys jogged in from the side.

“Hello ladies, lovely day for a run,” The guy in red said as they fell in step.

“Yeah, taking in the morning air,” Amy smiled.

“I think we’ve seen you around, but never managed to catch up with you. I’m Adam, this is Jake.”

“Hi, I’m Amy and this is Priyanka.”

“Priyanka huh? Lovely name.”

“Thanks. My friends call me Pri.”

“Can I be your friend?”


Adam kept up a chatter as they jogged, talking mostly to Amy as she was the one answering.

“Guys, I’m sorry, I have to stop and fix my sock,” Amy said as they approached a bench.

The group slowed and jogged in place as Amy stopped. Adam volunteered to stay behind, and Pri and Jake continued around the loop. At first they jogged at the same slow pace they had with Amy, but then Jake sped up. Pri’s competitive fires kicked in and she accelerated to match him. Jake looked her over with a nod and sped up even more. By the time they had circled back around to Amy and Adam she was in a full sprint, shoulder to shoulder with Jake as they flashed by. They pulled up and stopped and then walked back to the other two.

“That was pretty good for a girl,” Jake smiled before realizing what he said. “That didn’t come out right…”

Pri glanced disapprovingly at him as she caught her breath.

“Wow, you guys were really moving there!” Amy smiled as they came up.

“Yeah, she’s really fast.”

“For a girl,” Pri added.

“Well, it is getting kinda late,” Amy said as she hopped to her feet.

Actors: Mia Khalifa

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