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Entry #1

This is my first attempt at recording my sexual activity and my sexual desires, please be patient with me.

I am 29 and have been married for almost 10 years, our anniversary is coming up. While our sex life is good, it is my goal to satisfy all of my husbands desires and to have him satisfy all of mine, that is why I am starting this journal. A few days ago I had a question that was sexual in nature, I did not however have anyone in my life I could ask, so I turned to a chat room for guidance. The feedback was great, but what has been even better is one individual sent me a private email discussing the topic.

The question I had asked had to do with my husbands desire to eat his semen off of my stomach, Barbara told me her husband enjoyed the same thing. We have been emailing back and forth for the past couple of days, which is invigorating in itself, discussing our sex lives. I have learned that my husband and I both are the submissive type, where Barbara is the domme of their relationship. Some of the things that she has told me have made me blush, envious and moist all at the same time.

I have opened up to Barbara and told her things I have never told another living soul, I have told her of my desires and of my discretion’s. She is non-judgmental. In a correspondence with her yesterday I opened up and told her how I sometimes fantasize about performing in front of a crowd. I would have numerous men surround me and they would all take their turns servicing me with their mouths and with their cocks. I would love it. I would want everyone to see. The only problem is that I know this is a fantasy,and that it will more than likely stay in the fantasy realm, however I am trying to bring one small part of this fantasy to life. I spoke with my husband about making a sex tape, which he is definitely for. It is my desire to send that video to Barbara so that she can watch me orgasm. I know she has seen wilder things, but I have never been seen in this state by anyone else. The thought of her, and possibly her husband, watching me has been on my mind since she agreed to watch it if I sent it. I do not know when this happen, it will be logged in when it does, and I will ask Barbara to share any thoughts she has.

I would also like to write about last night. The rest of this entry is a combination of reality and imagination, everything is true except for the fact that Barbara was not there in person, only in spirit.

My husband and I have been doing extremely well as of late, sex nearly every night, and for me that means a lot of receiving oral sex. As I mentioned earlier we are both slightly on the submissive side so I think he derives more pleasure from watching me orgasm than anything else. I got out of the tub and walked into our bedroom, Brian was already there waiting on the bed. I could see his erect cock in the candle light, a little dribble of semen was already seeping out. As I approached him I told him to roll over and that is when I heard Barbara’s voice from behind me say, “Good Liz” as to applaud me for being demanding. I turned and there she stood in our bedroom, naked of all of her clothes and holding a clipboard. She was amazing. I am not attracted to women, but she was beautiful. I was so wet. She directed me to the bed and demanded that I get to work.

I climbed on top of Brian while Barbara handed me a bottle of oil. “Lube him up good” she said. I followed her command and massaged his back. She then handed me the oil again and said “You know what to do” and I grabbed the oil and poured it down the crevice of his ass, watching him squirm and moan. I ran my fingers all around his anus and then demanded he spread his legs. He obliged and I could not slow myself from running my tongue all over his back side, being sure to get all of the oil. Barbara stood and watched, holding her clipboard as if she were grading me.

I continued working on him until I was tingling so bad I could not stand it. I told him it was my turn as I got on my back and pushed his head down. I closed my eyes and drifted away with pleasure. I could feel his hips gyrate occasionally as he rubbed himself on the bed so I turned him around and held his cock while he ate me. I lay there, one hand on my husbands cock and the other on his head, with my eyes closed my pelvis thrusting. I could sense Barbara was close and when I opened my eyes she was sitting on the bed next to us. She gave me a very approving look and brushed her hand across my breast as I exploded with an orgasm. My husband pushed his tongue as deep as he could into me, intensifying my pleasure.

Barbara looked at me and me and whispered “put him in you, I want to see” as I placed my husband between my legs. The feeling was so intense as he penetrated me, I wanted him to go fast, I begged him to go fast but he refused, saying he wanted for me to come one more time. He would give me these slow, hard thrust when all I wanted was to be fucked really hard and fast. I kept begging as Barbara walked around our bed, observing and taking notes. She would sit down beside us on occasion and run her hands over first my husbands thigh and then mine. It was the most intense experience of my life. I kept looking into her eyes and finally she told me to come, I grabbed my husband and thrust my hips into his as we both orgasmed together. Thank you Barbara.

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