Mia Khalifa POV dick sucking session

A few weeks ago me and my husband Tim were invited to a 60th birthday party for our neighbor Jerry at one of his friends house after we got there Tim was hitting the bar hard and I had few drinks myself, after a bit me and Jerry got to talking and flirting with each other while Tim was off doing his thing.

The talking and flirting got more heated as we sat alone on the front porch and had downed a few more drinks to the point that I asked Jerry what I could give him for his birthday that he had never had before, He looked at me real serious and said I’ve never had a blowjob from you so how about that.

I was stunned at first that Jerry who was turning sixty years old and me being forty that he would say such a thing to me but with the drinks and all I told him where could we go out of site so I could give him his present.

Jerry took my hand and lead me from the house to a near by building and when we got inside he said he was ready for his surprise and undid his pants and slid them down till his hard cock sprung out, Jerry said to me; Joyce give me my birthday blowjob and with that I got down on my knees in front of him and Jerry took his hands and placed them on the back of my head and pulled me closer as I opened my mouth and let his cock enter my lips.

He had a grip on my head as he moved back and forth fucking my mouth with his hard cock, I was getting into it just as much as I took my tongue and licked up and down his shaft and then sucking and licking his balls before taking his whole cock back in my mouth, He began to pump harder in my mouth to the point his balls was slapping my chin with every stroke, Jerry started moaning and I felt the veins in his dick swell as my lips sucked his cock.

He then grasps my head as he pumped his thick warm load into my mouth and I continued sucking till every drop of cum was in my mouth and then I swallowed it. I then leaned and kissed his cock and said happy birthday.

Jerry said that was the best birthday gift he had ever gotten and we then went back to the party for awhile, Tim came up to me and asked where I had been and why was Jerry smiling so much so I pulled Tim aside and told him that I had giving Jerry a special birthday gift and did he want the same gift giving to him. Tim said what did you give him and with that I said come on and took him out to the shop and when we got inside I knelt down undid his pants pulled his cock out and sucked him off till he came in my mouth, Tim asked me if I had sucked Jerry’s cock for his birthday and I said yes and I loved it and wanted more cock.

Tim knew it was the alcohol doing most of the talking but he wasn’t about to tell me no because he got turned on thinking about me sucking Jerry’s cock and now I wanted more cock, so Tim told me to stay there and he would talk to Jerry and see if he give her some more action, I told Jerry what Joyce had said and he said he would handle it so I got me another drink and when I finished it I thought I might go spy on Joyce and watch her suck Jerry’s cock.

When I got to the shop I noticed a light had been turned on in the back that you couldn’t see from the house and I looked in thru a window to find Joyce with no clothes on and not only Jerry but two more men from the party in there with my naked wife on her knee’s moving from cock to cock sucking all three guys.

I was stunned but also turned on watching my wife giving these three guys a blowjob at the same time, Then Jerry got behind Joyce and rubbed his cock up and down her slit before slipping his dick into my wife’s pussy, Joyce was being fucked doggy style while she was also sucking on two cocks.

This went on a few minutes before Jerry pulled his cock out of her pussy and ran up to her head and shoved his dick into her mouth for a minute while one of the other guys had taking his spot by fucking her cunt, Jerry then pulled his dick from her mouth and sprayed his milky juice all over her face then the other guy pulled out of her pussy as the other man shoved his cock into her wet pussy.

Jerry had stepped back while the other man had grabbed Joyce’s head as he fucked her mouth hard and then I could see in his expression that he was about to cum as he pulled his dick from my wife’s mouth and gave her another facial, Joyce’s face was covered in white milky cum as the other guy that was fucking her pussy pounded her harder till he filled my wife’s pussy with his white cream.

All three men stood there with their dicks limp and shiny from my wife’s pussy juice as she stood up I could see white cum running down the inside of her legs from her pussy and cum was dripping from her face onto her tits. They all cleaned up and went back to the party and I didn’t tell her that I had seen what happened and she didn’t mention it to me. Oh by the way I did video it on my cell phone so when Joyce sobers up the next day I might show her how happy she made Jerry for his birthday along with two other strangers.

Actors: Mia Khalifa

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