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MIA KHALIFA – Getting extra dick from J-Mac behind the scenes! (mk13784)

Copyright Sethp 2010 all rights reserved!

(Thanks to Busty Jessica again for inspiring this story and thanks to Pennlady for her expert editing)


Megan awoke as the morning sun shone brightly through the window, and could smell the scent of sex everywhere in the room. The sheets were cum-stained and rumpled and beer bottles littered the room. What a night, she thought to herself. Her hands roamed over her belly and down to her sex and then up to her oversized breasts. Her life had been turned upside down by Jessica and Seth. God, she loved them both and hadn’t been home to her family since she met them at the restaurant.

Megan’s thoughts then turned to her husband and what he must be thinking. She had called him last night in the middle of having her anus invaded by Seth’s huge package. She loved Seth’s cock. The phone call had ended very badly. Now what was Megan going to do? She wondered if she could stay with Seth and Busty Jessica forever.

Just then the bedroom door banged open and Jessica’s beaming smile lit up the room. Megan had a second to drink in Jessica’s sexual perfection. Jessica had the most beautiful, innocent, wide eyes and lips that were made to be wrapped around a cock. Her body was slim and athletic and set off by the juiciest ass and the most perfectly round and full tits Megan had ever seen. Megan’s own boobs were much larger, but they didn’t jut out from her chest in awesome perfection like Jessica’s did. Just looking at Jessica’s tits and thinking about those full lips down between her legs last night was getting Megan all worked up again.

“Megan, wake up we have to go somewhere.” Jessica said. “I decided that you’re coming with me today and you can wear these.” She tossed a handful of too-small clothes at Megan. “Coffee is ready and I have bagels.” She left the room.

Megan jumped off the bed, shaking her head as she looked at the clothes Jessica had given her. “This shirt will make my boobs look obscene,” Megan said and then headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

After coffee and bagels the two girls were ready to go out on the town. Megan did look obscene in a bra that both couldn’t contain her massive breasts and a shirt so snug that a couple of inches of her belly were showing. The skirt was long enough to fit nicely over her shapely thighs. Jessica was dressed to kill in a blue top with a plunging neckline that showed almost every inch of her boobs except for her thick nipples. Her black leather mini skirt was skintight. Jessica insisted that neither of them wear any panties, of course.

Jessica didn’t have a specific destination in mind. She just wanted to take her new plaything out. She wanted to incite a gangbang somewhere and have Megan at the center, and afterwards she would lick and kiss every inch of her clean. She was really starting to enjoy other women, especially Megan, as curvy as she was. The two girls hopped into Seth’s new, blue and silver Mustang and peeled off into the morning sun.

Jessica drove downtown, and it wasn’t long before they were parked in back of a construction site. Jessica leaned over and pulled Megan’s face to hers. The two women started to kiss passionately. Megan had never kissed a girl before and found the sensation was incredible. Megan started to explore Busty Jessica’s chest. She was amazed at how firm her large breasts were. Jessica slipped a hand under Megan’s skirt and was running a finger across her moistening slit.

Megan pulled away and just stared into Jessica’s eyes. “That was incredible.”

“I know. I feel the same way,” Jessica answered. “Get out of the car.”

Jessica was drunk with lust again. She was the teacher and had a willing student that she could show all the pleasures of gangbangs, anal sex, double anal sex and much, much more.

Jessica led Megan out across the center of the construction site and into a big trailer off to the right. As the two women stumbled into the makeshift office, Jessica shut the door behind them. There were five big, dirty men standing in the center going over a blueprint. In the corner an older lady entered data into a computer. They all turned and stared at the two girls.

Jessica dragged Megan into the center of the room and pushed her down to her knees. The men stood back, shocked and wondering what was happening. Jessica leaned down and whispered into Megan’s ear. “I want you to pull up your top and show them your wonderful boobs.”

Megan turned red and hesitated. It was one thing to be alone in a bathroom in Denny’s or in Seth and Jessica’s love nest, but this was different and felt wrong. Jessica leaned in again and kissed Megan on the lips, snaking her tongue into her mouth. Megan responded back with lust of her own. When Jessica pulled away smiling she said, “Please?”

Megan, still feeling very confused about the situation, pulled her shirt up over her head and then unclasped her bra letting her massive breasts spill out. She was relieved. Wearing small clothes was more uncomfortable than it was fun. The men’s eyes all widened at the sight before them: two generously endowed woman, one of them nearly naked, kissing each other. Jessica’s eyes flitted from one to the other and she smiled slyly. She leaned over and whispered something to Megan. Shyly, Megan reached toward the closest man and unzipped his pants. He didn’t pull away or move. Megan reached her hand through the opening in his pants and pulled out a rather impressive semi-hard cock. She leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth.

Megan was a great cocksucker, as Seth had found out the night before. She was soon drooling around his shaft as her lips worked up and down his length. The other men stepped closer and closed Megan off in a circle.

The older lady in the corner stood, her eyes all but bulging in her face. Maybe she would call the police or maybe she would just leave, but Busty Jessica held her in place with an evil look. The woman gulped and sat back down at her desk unable to take her eyes off of the show in the middle of the room.

Megan had fished out the other four cocks by then and was taking turns sucking them. Jessica was getting aroused and had a finger buried in her pussy, steadily moving it in and out. A moan escaped her lips and one of the men turned to look at her.

This was supposed to be Megan’s show but Jessica didn’t care, there was enough to go around. She kneeled down on the floor and sucked the man’s cock into her mouth.

The construction workers had started grabbing and kneading Megan’s pendulous breasts and were tweaking her huge nipples. As Jessica looked over, Megan slid her lips all the way down to the base of one cock, and then all the way back up to the head and let it plop out of her mouth. She moved on to the next one in line, gently massaging their balls as she did.

Megan had one cock buried in her throat as she felt her self being eased onto her back. She felt her skirt lifted up and then what could only be Jessica’s lips and tongue exploring her now soaked pussy. It was more than she could take and she squealed around the cock in her mouth as she orgasmed on Jessica’s tongue.

She involuntarily clamped her lips tightly around the cock in her mouth as she orgasmed and was rewarded as he shot a load of semen into her mouth. He pumped stream after stream of cum onto her tongue and down her throat. It was almost more than she could swallow but she managed.

She fell flat on her back with a driblet of cum on her chin, trying to catch her breath. She didn’t have long before one of the other men drove his cock into her mouth and half way down her throat. She gagged a little bit at the shock of it and then found her rhythm and sucked the man off to orgasm.

Busty Jessica was still lapping at Megan’s pussy, trying to bring her to another orgasm. The man that she had been sucking off was now fucking her hard in the ass. There was almost nothing that Jessica liked more than have her ass fucked hard by either one or two cocks. She was an expert at double anal sex and had the stories to prove it!

Jessica grunted like an animal as his cock impaled her asshole again and again. This caused her to attack Megan’s pussy with more urgency. The intensified assault on Megan’s sex caused Megan to suck even harder on the cock in her mouth. Her mouth was soon flooded with another load of cum. She swallowed every last drop. This time her mouth remained empty and she looked up.

All of the men were stroking their cocks in their hands and watching Jessica get reamed hard. The man had a monster cock that was almost as large and thick as Seth’s was.

The man started to grunt that he was coming and pulled out of Jessica’s anus. Busty Jessica quickly turned around and devoured him into her mouth. She loved tasting her own ass on a lover’s cock. She couldn’t count the times that Seth had fucked her hard in the ass and then she had deep throated him right afterwards tasting her ass and his sperm together. There was nothing better!

Jessica lay down on her back beside Megan and the remaining two men stepped over them and let loose with two massive volleys of cum. Ropes of sperm splattered across both of their faces and soiled their hair and the rest ended up on their heaving chests.

When the cum stopped flying, Jessica and Megan started to clean the semen off of each other in a wild frenzy. Jessica was slurping cum off of Megan’s boobs and Megan in return, licked Jessica’s boobs clean.

The men sat in the office chairs or leaned against the walls of the trailer as they watched the amazing show. When the women were done, they stood up, pulling on their tops. They left their bras on the floor as trophies . All of the men were now sporting large erections again. Jessica turned and pointed to the older lady in the corner. “She’ll have to do from here on out, guys. We’re done for the day.”

Megan looked back as they left the trailer. The men were advancing on the lady like indecent zombies in an X-rated horror movie. She felt badly for the woman until she looked over at her and saw her smiling from ear to ear and move out from the behind the desk, unbuttoning her blouse.

With the taste of cum still on their lips, Megan and Busty Jessica hopped back in the Mustang and headed back home. They opened the door and snuck back to the bedroom. Jessica knew that Seth was probably stroking his cock and watching porn.

She was right! Seth was sprawled naked on the bed stroking his cock. In fact he had it covered in baby oil and was making quite a mess! Busty Jessica knew an opportunity when she saw it. She told Megan to get on the floor on her hands and knees and then hiked up Megan’s skirt, revealing her lush, round ass for Seth.

That was all the encouragement that Seth needed and he vaulted off the bed and started to rub his slick cock up and down Megan’s ass crack. He inserted one oil soaked finger into her anus and gently pumped it in and out of her. Megan loved the sensation and moaned in pleasure as Seth’s finger was replaced by his large cock. Seth knew that Megan was nowhere near as experienced in anal sex as Jessica and gently and slowly slid his shaft inside her.

Megan groaned in pleasure as Seth pushed inside her inch by inch. Within minutes he had his whole cock inside of her asshole and it felt incredible. Jessica slid over and wrapped one of her hands around his cock as he slowly started to fuck Megan in the ass. Soon the room was filled with Megan’s squeals and the sound of Seth grunting as he picked up the pace and started to fuck her hard. Megan knew that she was now Seth’s anal whore for life!

Seth yelled that he was going to come and Jessica pulled him out of Megan’s ass. She opened wide and let him cum into her mouth. Busty Jessica pooled his semen in her mouth and then moved over to Megan and the two lovers kissed passionately, sharing Seth’s wondrous cum with each other.


“Yes, BJ?”

“I love you.”

The End

Sethp 2010 all rights reserved!

Actors: J-mac / Mia Khalifa

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