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After that night when Beth was finger fucked by a stranger in a bar and then fucked by another stranger in the backseat of our car, she was like a different woman. She had always loved sex but now she seemed to be constantly turned on. I was in a constant state of tiredness with trying to keep up with her sexual demands.

Every guy thinks he would love to have a nympho for a wife or girlfriend but believe me, the idea of it is a wonderful turn on but in reality, it becomes hard work. I was actually relieved when she announced one day that she had fucked the milkman just before I had arrived home. He delivers the milk early in the morning, so we never see him but he calls once a week in late afternoon for his money. Well this week he had gotten more than he bargained for. I thought, Great! I could have a rest this evening but that was not to be.

‘You have just missed him.’ She said whilst lying back on the settee and hoisting up her skirt to reveal her pantyless pussy. ‘Look the milkman left some cream.’ She laughed at her own joke. Then she looked at me with pleading eyes. ‘But I need some more. He only made me cum once. Please Honey! I need you!’

She then opened her blouse, she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see love bites on her naked tits. Although I was worn out with trying to keep up with her demands and still hold down a full time job at the same time, I was aroused by her ‘just fucked’ appearance. I knelt down next to the settee and started to play with her tits, sucking her nipples hard just the way she likes it.

‘Don’t forget my pussy! Pussy needs lots of attention.’ She said this as she was pushing my head down between her thighs. I was confronted by a sloppy, swollen lipped wonderful cunt that was oozing cum. This turned me on much more than I could ever have imagined. I buried my face into the sloppy mess, licking and slurping away.

She was soon writhing and moaning as orgasm after orgasm shook her lovely little body. With each new orgasm she was tightening her thighs about my head and with the grip she had on my hair I just couldn’t pull away and I was finding it difficult to breath. It changed from me giving her oral sex to her fucking my face with her sloppy cunt.

Eventually, after a very loud orgasm, she collapsed like a rag doll.

‘Oh thank you baby! That was just wonderful! You are sooooo good to me.’ She then turned over and went straight to sleep. I went off to cook my own dinner.

Later that evening, I introduced her to blue movies and a vibrator. It was the only way I could get some rest.

…………. ……… …….

The Following Saturday Night.

‘Are you taking me out tonight Darling?’ She asked in her most seductive, little girl voice. ‘I haven’t had any fun all week.’

‘What! You’ve been fucking my brains out all week, not to mention the blisters on my tongue with all the pussy licking you’ve had me doing.’

‘But that’s what I mean, I’ve only had you. I need some more men. Men with hard bodies and big cocks.’

‘Oh I see! Mine isn’t big enough for you now.’

‘Well I didn’t like to say anything. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Anyway it’s your own fault for showing me those blue movies. My word, some of those guys are huge.’

‘Well don’t be expecting to meet guys like in the movies.’

‘Oh I won’t silly. Just so long as their cocks are bigger than yours will do me just fine.’ She said this with such an angelic smile that you just couldn’t take offence.

‘OK! Where would you like to go?’

‘Back to that bar of course, I have been dreaming of it all week. They way they held me down, I couldn’t move to defend myself. It was wonderful. And what a terrific orgasm I had. Mmmmmm!’

Although I was tired from working all week and seeing to Beth’s needs, which were many, even though she was now employing the vibrator; the memory of what she had told me about the ‘finger fucking’ she got at that bar was getting me excited again. This time I could watch it happening.

‘OK! Go get your sexiest clothes on!’

‘Ohhh Goody!’ She chirped as she ran off upstairs to get ready.

…………. ……… …….

When we pulled into the pub car-park, Beth said. ‘You don’t mind if I go in alone first do you? You can follow in after five minutes and watch me in action.’

This came as a surprise as one of the things I had been looking forward to was to show off as I walk in with this sexy babe on my arm. Knowing all the guys would be looking at her in her tiny mini skirt and almost see-through top and no bra, and they would all be envying me.

‘OK! You can go in alone but, I want to go in first so I can watch the effect you have on all those guys as you make your entrance.’

‘Oh good! I am pleased you are enjoying this as much as I am. Yes that’s a good idea, you go in first and take up a good position so you can watch your faithless slut wife in action.’

Wow! She sure knows how to push my buttons. That last statement had my cock hard. Seeing my aroused state she started to push me out of the car. ‘Hurry up and get in there before you cum in your pants.’ She said laughing.

I had just ordered a drink when the room fell silent as all eyes fell on Beth. What a delicious slut she looked in those red high heels and tiny black mini-skirt. Conversation started up again just as my drink arrived. Beth made her way to the bar right in the middle of a bunch of men. They all looked like manual workers who had come straight to the pub instead of going home. The group parted like the Red Sea, to let Beth in to the bar. I guy got off a stool and offered it to her. Two other men lifted her onto the stool, making sure they had a good grope whilst doing so.

The crowd gathered around her and then I couldn’t see her but I noticed I could see her in the mirror behind the bar. One guy standing next to her had his hand inside her top playing with her tit. That was quick work I thought to myself. Just then I could see Beth had her eyes closed. They must already be finger fucking her, she obviously was in a state of arousal. A hand came over her shoulder and clamped on her mouth. She must have started to get a bit noisy so they needed to keep her quiet.

I was rubbing my dick as discretely as I could. I had never been so turned on! Her telling me about them using her had been great but actually seeing it was so much better. Far more exciting.

Just then the guys started to move, they were walking towards me. I could see Beth in the middle of them. She looked ecstatic, like she was in constant orgasm. One of her breasts was bare and hanging out of her top but she didn’t seem to notice or care. The group passed me and headed down a passageway. After a couple of minutes I followed along to see where they had gone. I came to the snooker-room and even with the door shut I could hear Beth’s moans. There was an old guy watching through the glass panel in the door. As looked in the room I could see at least 8 guys in there. Beth was bent over a table as each guy fucked her from behind whilst she was sucking another cock.

The old guy noticing me beside him, said. ‘What a fucking slut! If only I was 20 years younger I be in there getting some of that sweet pussy. Aren’t you going to get some?’ He asked.

‘No! I’ll wait till I get her home. That’s MY Fucking Slut.’ I said proudly.

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