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She lifts her head from the pillow moaning loudly, begging for me to not stop. She rocks back onto my tongue and fingers as I pleasure my sexy step-mother. I pull my fingers from her twat, licking them clean before pulling her ass up into the air. I grab hold of my pussy hungry cock and plunge it deep inside her. I pull out and plunge back in again and again. Finally, I thrust deep inside her hungry trap, holding her hips and begin to fuck her like she deserves.

Smacking her ass open and back handed as I fuck her harder and deeper. She cries out in pain but keeps begging for more. I grab hold of her pigtails, raising her up onto her hands as I pound her pussy without remorse. I can feel her juices spilling out and splashing onto my sack. You can hear the squishing sound of my cock fucking her soaking pussy all over the room.

She loses it and begins to climax out of control. As soon as one climax finishes, another begins. I can feel her pussy clamp down harder onto my cock than I have ever experienced. Well into her 2nd orgasm and going into her 3rd is when I meet my release. I yank back hard on her pigtails as I unload a major nut. It feels like a river of semen roaring out of my cock as I seed my dear step-mom.

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