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“Will you eat your semen off of your partner?” That was the card I drew in the middle of a game called Sex is Fun. My wife, J, and I were sitting just in our underwear in front of our fireplace and enjoying its warmth on a cold winter’s night. J said that I would answer “no” without realizing that I had been hoping to bring the subject of creampie eating up with her one day. I quickly answered “yes” meaning that I should have got the point for that round and we would move on to the next card. However, J immediately protested, “I don’t believe you. I dare you to do it”. Again, little did she know that she had just played right into my strategy; I was all for tasting my own cum. We set the card aside and agreed we would decide that point at the end of the game.

About an hour later we ended up in the bedroom, standing next to the bed ripping at each other’s clothes. I peeled her panties down to reveal her recently waxed pussy. This time around she had her dark black pubic hair trimmed short on top and done in the shape of a triangle with the point ending about 2 fingers above her slit. Below that, her perfectly smooth, pouty lips hid her clit and small inner lips perfectly. She stripped off my boxers to reveal my smooth balls with a very hard dick dancing on its own above while already leaking clear pre-cum. J swiped her finger across the sensitive tip to gather up some of the stickiness and jammed her finger into my mouth, taking me by surprise.

“How do you like it so far,” she asked.

“Not bad but I bet there is more where that came from,” I smiled.

We fell onto the bed next to us, pushing the comforter out of our way and giving us a blank canvas of the sheets to go to work on. J still was wearing her black lace bra with small pink flowers where the straps met the cups in front. I reached around her to unclasp this sexy article of clothing and pulled it away from her body. I was greeted with seeing her small, yet firm breasts with large, dark pink areolas and taught nipples pointing straight out and up. In an instant my mouth was latched to her breast, pulling at her nipple in an attempt to get them to become even larger.

As we lay on the bed facing each other on our sides I pushed my right hand down her soft stomach, through that perfectly shaped triangle of pubic hair and split her pussy open with my first two fingers. Already, her wetness had traveled to the outer lips and my fingers slid right down to her flowered opening. I could tell that she wanted me to stay at her clit by the way she pushed her hips at me as I passed by it but, judging by the moan she let out, she had no problem with me pushing a finger up and inside of her. It only took a couple of thrusts with my one finger to pull out even more of her juices and coat her entire entrance, allowing me to get my second finger inside of her as well. Her pussy felt locked onto me so instead of thrusting in and out I placed my thumb against her pubes and began lightly caressing her g-spot with my two fingers buried inside of her.

My cock was between us, leaking my pre-cum all over both of our bellies. J slid her hands around the base of my hard-on but I knew she wouldn’t stay interested in my cock for long. She removed her hands from me long enough to reach behind her and grab some silicone lube, generously spreading it on her first two fingers. I knew what was coming next so I instinctively rolled a bit onto my back and spread my legs a little wider, allowing her the access I knew she wanted to my smooth ass. I was treated to the pleasure of having those lubed fingers moving around my ass with not quite enough pressure to penetrate me but enough to make me moan in pleasure.

While she was caressing my ass hole and causing more pre-cum to leak from my cock, I was continuing to finger her g-spot and bring her towards an orgasm. By keeping my thumb on her pubes I could press my two fingers against her inner bump with a lot of force, which was needed for her to cum this way. As my fingers sloshed through her moisture the sounds of sex became louder and louder, J moaning more and the squish of her pussy juice making wet noises. I could almost feel the wetness flood her vagina and it seemed as if my fingers were a dam, locking her flow inside of her as it pressed against me trying to gush out. J was pushing her body into my fingers and when I looked over I saw her eyes closed, teeth biting down on her lower lip and her tits moving up and down in a nice rhythm.

“mmmm” were the noises escaping her mouth, almost unconsciously. The more she pushed into the finger fucking she was receiving the harder she rubbed my ass, still not penetrating but ramming her fingers up against me hard. It was enough to cause nice pressure on my prostate and had me working towards my own orgasm.

J’s unconscious moans were getting louder, almost grunts at this point and I knew she was near release. I moved my fingers harder and faster than I thought her pussy could handle but only for a few seconds. I watched her face as she quickly reached a release. Her grunts got high pitched, almost whining, before she let out a long “ohhhh, uhhhh” noise. I felt her inner PC muscles grasp at my fingers in a hot throbbing pattern while at the same time I slid my thumb down to apply pressure to her clit. She moved her hand to mine trying to push even harder against her g-spot and prolong her orgasm. For a good twenty seconds I held my hands just as they were and let her ride the waves of orgasm as she continued to moan and push her hips off the bed. Her other hand had two fingers pressing firmly on my ass no longer moving along my slick hole.

As J lowered her hips back to the bed and her breathing slowed she started to squirm under the pressure from my thumb on her now large and sensitive clit. She used her hand to pull to pull my buried fingers out of her now dripping wet vagina. There was a sucking noise heard as my hand reluctantly left its warm confines.

J was still laying on her back with her legs spread wide, her feet flat on the bed. I rolled to my left and put myself between those splayed legs preparing to penetrate her with my slick penis. She reached between us, grabbed the base of my dick and moved it up and down her wet slit. Her clit was still much too sensitive so she jumped a bit when my head touched it. She quickly moved me back down towards her tight pussy, using two fingers to spread her engorged lips even further and guide me into her hot vagina. My cock head stretched her a bit so I would enter some and then pull back, causing us to both moan in anticipation. We found a rhythm of me pushing my dick in a bit at a time and then pulling out all the way to allow her vagina to stretch around me. After five or six of these thrusts I slipped fully into her and stopped so that we could both enjoy the feeling; me with the sensation of her pussy tight around my penis and J with the sensation of her vagina being filled up.

J wrapped her legs around mine and put both of her hands on my ass in an attempt to get me even deeper. My cock was throbbing and twitching some inside of her so J clamped down her PC muscles to give me a squeeze back, just to let me know she could feel my small movements in her pussy. At this point I pulled back and began a slow fucking session. I knew I wouldn’t last long but J had just come so I didn’t need to keep myself from exploding too soon, especially when I knew I wanted to eat her out as soon as I finished. J began rubbing her right index finger up and down the crack of my ass, flicking across my ass hole but not staying there long. With that sensation and her wet pussy squeezing me hard I felt my cock head swell up even more in anticipation of my coming load. I thrust as deep as I could into her, feeling my balls press against the lower part of her pussy lips, and told her I was going to cum inside of her. She moaned her approval with a whimpering “yes, cum in me”. My cock exploded as I felt three spasms squirt into her hard and fast. J felt them as well because she moaned in time with the eruptions. After that my cock shot a few smaller loads into her and then twitched a bit from the stimulation I was still getting from J’s tight pussy.

I reluctantly pulled out of her while I was still a little hard but losing that firmness quickly. I watched some of my creamy white semen that was still on the tip of my dick stay on her outer vaginal lips as I exited her. Now it was “go” time, something I had been waiting quite some time to do; eat my fresh cream pie out of my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. I slid down her stomach, past her neatly shaped triangle, and put my face between J’s lovely thighs in order to begin eating her out…but couldn’t do it.

I froze right at the gates of her folds, unable to bring myself to tongue her and my semen. I couldn’t believe I was hesitating; I wanted this, didn’t I? J must have sensed my hesitation as she stuck her head up and looked down at me lying between her legs as I gave her look that said “well, I tried”. She didn’t miss a beat and quickly took over the situation. She told me to spin around and to get on top of her. I did as she said, ending up with my legs on either side of her face, my balls directly above her waiting mouth and my head back down at her pussy in a great 69 position.

The angle of attack I now enjoyed on her vagina allowed me to ease into my first cream pie eating. I started by licking the top of her slit around her clit hood. It was nice and juicy tasting while the color of her open pussy was the brightest red I had ever seen, with just a bit of my left behind cum on the lower part of her lips. J had my balls in her mouth and a finger beginning to work my ass once again giving me enough stimulation to finally go for a taste of that exposed semen. I ran my tongue from her clit out along her swollen pussy lip and down to the cum deposit. I licked at the spot quickly and took the small amount into my mouth. It was salty with a different texture than I had experienced in the past but I found it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Plus, at the same time J had moved her mouth to my flaccid penis and was sucking off our mixed juices from it. I’m pretty sure she had never had a taste of herself off of my dick before which made the situation that much more exciting to me.

Beginning to feel a stirring in my cock I found new life in me and moved my mouth from her outer pussy lips down to her just fucked opening. Cum had yet to begin sliding back out of her but I could see how wet everything was and I was picking up a great smell of our sex mixed together. I began circling her hole with my tongue and then darted it in as deep as I could go. As I did J moaned with her lips sealed around my penis and I knew I was headed for a second hard on right then. I got my tongue inside her and began swirling around, feeling the thick cum in her but not bringing any back to my mouth yet. It must have felt great to J because she sighed loudly, lifted her hips off the bed a little and pushed down with her vaginal muscles all at the same time. This released the pent up semen and it began flowing from her pussy and down her ass. I got a spoonful in my mouth and swallowed it down. Her pussy was now a sloppy mess so I just rolled with it. I pulled my tongue from her and used it to push a wad of warm cum up to her clit, quickly returning my mouth to the flowing cum. I then brought my fingers into play, using them to stimulate her now oversized clit while the sticky semen acted as a great lube.

J was very into it at this point. She was sucking hungrily on my cock, swirling her tongue around my head and then slipping it deeper to get her juices off of the base. She was pushing her hips towards my mouth pleading with me to continue cleaning her out. My fingers were now gliding around her clit, circling all over the top of her slit making her hum on my cock even more. While my tongue danced around inside her pussy she started in on her second orgasm of the night. She dug her heels into the bed, pushing her butt into the air trying to get me to penetrate her as deep as I could. From past experience I knew her clit would be too sensitive to continue playing with so I just pressed on the small button with a small amount of pressure. It was hard to keep my mouth locked on her opening as her hips were moving up and down and my face was gliding easily over our mixed juices. When her ass finally came to a rest on the bed my tongue slid out of her and the rest of my load came with it. I stared at her pussy for a long time, trying to lock the image of her splayed open vagina glistening with her own wetness and my white cum all over her thighs and lips.

J flicked her tongue on the underside of my penis a few last times, pulled me from her mouth and began to finish me off with her hand. Her spit was the only lube I needed as her thumb worked my tip and her palm stroked my shaft. Within a minute I was squirting another, smaller, load on top of her puckered pink nipples, another perfect spot for me to sample my juices from.

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