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The news that an L.A Hollywood exec recently had to resign his job because he was making sex tapes comes as no surprise to me. The executive who resigned is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot more very wealthy guys who have made sex tapes with both pornstars and amateur women. I know this for a fact because my wife Liz has been in quite a number of them.

My wife, Liz and I have a completely open marriage. Since 2012, I have been aware that Liz had performed in privately made sex tapes with Steven and Kara, a couple we met swinging. I wrote about the videos in “LIz’s Confession” over a year ago.

Since the recent Hollywood scandal involving a former Disney exec, Liz has admitted that Steven has made many porn videos of her being fucked by many different guys.

Liz is not the only woman that Steven has filmed. I had been assured that the videos were all for private viewing and would never be released online. Steven said, “The execs in the videos have way to much to lose if they were ever released”.

After the recent sex tape scandal in Hollywood, Liz told me many of the guys Steven filmed her fucking were execs from California and Hedge fund managers from NYC. It was when Liz admitted that Steven wasn’t the only guy who filmed her being fucked that I thought this is going to be a problem.

I am going to back up to 2006, when Liz and I started acting out a sex fantasy of Liz being a hooker and I would pick her up at a bar. Liz and I really enjoyed the fantasy and it enhanced our sex life tremendously.

The more we acted out the fantasy the more Liz became almost completely sexually uninhibited and often insatiable. When Liz was horny, It wasn’t uncommon for me to come home from work to find Liz wearing just heels and masturbating. I barely got in the front door when Liz and I would have sex right away.

Liz also began to really enjoy talking dirty during sex with her always asking me how I liked, “fucking her hot little cunt.”

The fourth time we acted the fantasy out, it got way out of control and Liz ended up fucking three strangers. It is only now looking back that i think that maybe Liz was completely willing and wanted it to happen. If you want the details, you can read Liz is Willing Ch.01 and Ch.02

in 2008, I walked in on Liz watching a porn video, dildoing herself and calling herself “easy white pussy.” Is was then that LIz admitted to me that she had again fucked Tim and some of his friends on a few occasions since he first fucked her in 2006.

In 2009, Liz and I started swinging and we eventually decided that we were both willing to try a completely open marriage. While we both enjoyed swinging, Liz always enjoyed having multiple sex partners and I more enjoyed being with one woman.

I had thought that as Liz turned 40 her insatiable sex drive would diminish and our swinging would taper off significantly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Liz is still as sexually insatiable as she has ever been.

Over the last few years, I have not even come close to the amount of sexual partners that Liz has had. I have had a long lasting affair with Kara, Nadia and Emma as well as several other women.

Kara and her husband Steven also have a completely open marriage. I found DVD’s that Liz had hidden and it was then that i learned that over years Liz had allowed Steven to make videos of her being fucked in gangbangs by a number of his wealthy friends. Liz admitted that she and Kara were always more than willing participants.

Recently, Kara and I spent a weekend afternoon fucking at the Four Seasons in NYC. She asked me, “Are you aware that Tim made a video in 2006 of Liz the first time they fucked her?”

When I said, “I don’t think she did’, Kara handed me three DVD’s and said, “Steven said that Tim gave him these DVDs and we watched it.”

As soon as the DVD began to play in our hotel room, I knew it was from the first time Tim and Perry fucked Liz in 2006. Liz had told me everything that happened but never once told me that Tim had made a video of them fucking her ass and pussy at the same time.

The video began with Tim and Perry stripping Liz. Liz was completely nude and both guys were still fully clothed. Tim was standing behind Liz and both were facing the camera. He told her to tell the camera what he told her to say when they were in the bar.

Liz completely nude and a bit drunk looked at the camera and said, “My name is Liz (last name withheld), I am a slut and I have always wanted black cocks in my cunt”.

I watched the DVD of Liz blowing Perry and being told by Tim that she, “was going to be fucked by three niggers tonight”.

Later in the video Liz was laying back on a bed with her cunt wide open and cum dripping from her for the camera, I looked over at Kara fingering he pussy and ass as she also watched.

Liiz was telling her new lovers that she “wants them to turn her pussy into a little white fuck box.”

Kara had her fingers caressing her pussy as we watched the video of Liz telling them she was a “whore for black dick”, and that she wanted her “cunt fucked by black cocks.”

Kara moved behind me on the bed and stroked my cock. Kara told me she knew about the video for a few years but never told me. Tim had recently given the copy to Steven. Kara was there when Tim told them, “Liz is a fucking slut and she fucks anyone I ask her to.”

Kara and I fucked like animals for the next few hours as the video of Liz being fucked in all her holes, first by two guys then later three played in the background. At the very end of the video, Liz with her legs wide open, cum on her face and dripping from her pussy looked at the camera and said, “God, my pussy loves fucking black cock.”

I wasn’t sure of the purpose of Kara telling me about the videos until as we were leaving the hotel she said, “I think Steven and I are going to separate.”

Kara said “Steven is feeling a lot of pressure because some execs know he has a lot of videos of them fucking many women.”

Kara admitted that she and Liz were in a lot of the videos along with some of our swing partners.

I wasn’t sure what to say when Kara added, “Steven said that Liz has been fucking the personal trainers from his gym in NYC.”

Of course, I waited a day to collect my thoughts before i brought it up to Liz. When I got home later that night I handed LIz the video. I asked her, “So I thought you only fucked Tim twice over the next two years?”

I added,”What else don’t i know from back then”.

I know we agreed that we would have an open marriage since 2009 but i guess i felt betrayed at that moment as the videos occurred well before we made that arrangement. I also have strong feelings for Kara as well as Emma and maybe I thought to myself that I no longer wanted an open marriage. And since Kara seemed to be splitting with Steven, maybe…..no, I cant think about that now.

Well, Liz does what she always does when we have a confrontation. She stripped completely, put her arms around my neck and told me she wanted me to fuck her. Liz always uses sex to diffuse my anger.

I looked down at her amazing body as she lay back on the sofa and spread her pierced cunt wide open. I couldn’t help myself as I roughly fucked her mouth then came in her beautiful cunt.

The truth is, I can’t resist Liz when she wants sex. I am addicted to her. As conflicted as I feel, I cannot say no to her. Her cunt is her secret weapon. Her pussy is perfect and I am unwilling to lose that no matter how many guys she fucks. And I do love her.

Before Liz began too tell me what she said was the truth about Tim and her, she told me,”I love sex, but I do not love anyone but you.”

Liz added, “I do not love Tim, nor will I ever love Tim, but I love the way he fucks my cunt.”

We were laying in bed after a very satisfying orgasm when Liz told me, “Before I went to the room with Tim and Perry that night, he told me that they were, going to take me to their room and make a video of me getting fucked by my first nigger dick”.

LIz continued that they spread her legs were wide open at the table and they were both already fingering her when Tim quietly told her, “that little white pussy of yours is going to get turned into a cunt tonite.”

Liz said she was never so horny in her life when they said they weren’t going to fuck her unless she told them both that she “wanted black dicks in her cunt.”

At the table, Liz admitted that she told them both that “She had always wanted to be a whore for a night and that she wanted both of them to fuck her.”

Liz also confessed that she, “Never knew just how much she was going to love being in a gang bang.”

Liz said they had total control of her when in the elevator to the room she was told to tell them she :”wanted to be fucked on video”.

The rest is on the video, all four hours of it. Liz admitted she had never felt so sexually free as when the three of them had a cock in each of her holes. Liz said, “i couldn’t stop cumming, I let them do anything they wanted to me and I loved it.”

And the truth, “How often did you fuck Tim after that night”.

Liz was laying on the bed face up, my cum was dripping from her cunt when I told her, “Clean the cum off my cock.” My dutiful wife Liz, licked and sucked my cock clean.

Liz told me that Tim called her the next day but that she didn’t meet him at a motel nearby until a few days later. Liz said “when he opened the door, there were four of his friends in the room also.”

She said the video of her being fucked was on the TV and a video camera was set up in the room. She said Tim made another video of the five of them taking turns fucking her all afternoon. Liz said, “I couldn’t stop cumming, It was impossible to resist”.

The two times that Liz had led me to believe she had sex with Tim and any guy he wanted between 2006 and 2008 was closer to fifty times with one time as many as eight guys and almost all of them on video.

Liz said that Tim would arrange for hotel rooms and that she usually got there before he did. Often lingerie was already laid out on the bed and Liz was instructed to put it on before Tim and his friends arrived.

Liz said that the was embarrassed that the desk employees at one of the hotels all knew, who she was and why she was there. She that “Tim made sure they all knew I was his whore.”

I really didn’t need to hear anymore and my cock was as hard a s a rock again. I turned Liz face down, put a pillow under her hips and fucked her in the ass until i came.

As I went to shower before bed, Liz told me she would do anything I asked, whenever I asked If I wouldn”t be angry with her. She kissed me deeply and told me she loved me.

As I showered, all I could think of was how much Liz loves sex and wondered just how many guys have fucked her since 2006. I have never been with another woman that comes as easily and as often as my wife, Liz.

In bed that night Liz was insatiable, I could barely get hard from the previous fucking but I ate her pussy out to orgasm several times.

I laid on my back as Liz sat on my face for her satisfaction. Liz has beautiful, incredibly long cunt lips and a pierced clit. They were on my face all night.

I was almost glad to leave for work so I could have some time not having sex and reload for my nympho wife later that night. When I got home, Liz was wearing just heals and a choker with “CUNT” written in rhinestone.

I ate dinner as Liz sat on the table with her legs and pussy wide open facing me. I was thinking to myself that Liz has really lost control. She was sexually obsessed and there was no way one man could satisfy her needs. I knew at least I was going to enjoy trying.

I looked at Liz and said, “so what were you thinking about all day other than getting your cunt fucked.”

She looked at me and told me her older and now super conservative sister Kate was the class slut in high school. I was all ears as Liz told me her parents were always out and that she knew Kate was always having sex in the finished basement in their house after school.

Liz had told me before that she was always jealous of how popular her sister was. Liz said one afternoon her sister give blow jobs to a lot of guys from the high school football team as she watched through a small window outside. Liz looked at me and said, “Thats what I was thinking about all day.”

I looked at Liz and asked, “Did you make fuck tapes with the exec who resigned in L.A.?”

Now that it is all out in the open, Liz has admitted that she has been fucked in numerous sex tapes made by Tim, Steven and others and that she was completely willing.

Liz said that a lot of the women we went to swing parties have also been in many videos. She said, “It wasn’t just pornstars, we were all in Steven’s videos.”

I am not going to go into details, but a lot of wealthy guys are feeling a little nervous that the sex tapes they made could be made public.

It was when Liz told that they used a spreader bar on Kara and everyone at one of the parties in Malibu fucked her in the ass that I pushed Liz down on the bed and fucked her as hard as I could.

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