Brandi Love playing with her friends

The girl stood up and walked over to him. She kneeled down and swallowed his cock in her mouth in one go. Working her hands and mouth up and down his shaft she soon milked a large mouthful of cum out of his swollen cock. With a little of his cum trickling out of her mouth the girl stood up and pulled his head back before letting a thin stream of his cum into his mouth. With the ring gag and her holding his hair tight there was nothing he could do but swallow it. His girlfriend walked over and grabbed his still hard cock and started to wank his still hard cock. “Do you like the taste of cum?” she whispered into his ear “I hope you do because you are going to have to taste again when I get my fantasy fulfilled!” He didn’t want her to stop the hand job so he nodded. “Good” she said. It didn’t take her long to get him to cum a second time, although this time there was a lot less cum to pour off her hand into his mouth. She stood up and looked him over, very dishevelled and with his own cum dribbling off his face.

She walked over and whispered in the ear of the girl who was still sat on the bed. The girl nodded and stood up. She started to dance sexily rubbing her hands over her body, soon she had her top off and turn round to slip her skirt off. She danced for a while with her back turn to him before slipping her panties down. The sight of this sexy girl stripping for him had somehow managed to stir his battered cock back into life.

His girlfriend was still sat on the bed and was enjoying the show too with her hand back between her legs. “Now it’s time for me to get my fantasy” she said. He looked at her puzzled but when he looked back the girl had turned round and there was a big cock approaching his face. He tried to look away but the “girl” pulled his head round and shoved her cock into his mouth through the ring gag. “I met her in a bar a couple of weeks ago” his girlfriend began to explain “when I was looking for a girl for tonight. When I found out she was a half op transsexual I knew I could fulfil my fantasy at the same time as fulfilling yours!” “Hmmm doesn’t look like you are doing much licking there now does it?” She stood up and pinched his nose. With a cock in his mouth and his nose pinched he had better start licking or suffocate! He like breathing so started gobbling away at the cock in his mouth, he looked over to his girlfriend who have moved back to the bed and was propped up with a large dildo shoved up her pussy totally getting off on watching him get his mouth forcibly fucked my a man. Getting turned again on he really started to give the cock his full attention licking the full length on each stroke and closing him lips around the gag and onto the shaft. It didn’t take long before his attention caused the beautiful “girl” to spew hot salty cum into his mouth!

Actors: Brandi Love

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