Brandi Love breaks the rules

Brandi didn’t hesitate as she moved off the bed and joined Beth on the floor, both cheerleaders now worshipping my cock.

Mrs. Raske turned around, but remained on her knees as she watched the two girls take turns sucking my cock.

“Hungry, Mrs. Raske?” I asked, smiling with the newfound confidence that the past week had given me.

Surprisingly, her earlier shame had disappeared completely as she crawled towards me with a hunger in her eyes like a predator going in for the kill as she answered, “I am famished Matthew.”

Reaching me, Beth and Brandi moved away and the sexy MILF looked up at me as she reached for my cock. “How long have you fantasized fucking me Matthew?”

I groaned, “Since I was old enough to stroke myself off.”

She opened her mouth and took my cock between her lips. She bobbed hungrily for a couple of minutes, deep throating me with ease, and somehow creating a tornado like sensation in her mouth with her lips, tongue and excess saliva.

Taking my cock out of her mouth, she looked up and said, “I want to feel your cock in me sexy, but my husband will be home soon. So please fill my mouth with your cum and then meet me at midnight across the street at the Wilson’s for the best New Year’s Ever.”

I looked at my sister and she explained, ” Apparently the Wilson’s are gone for the week and she has the keys because she is sort of house sitting.”

“What about your husband?” I asked, moving my cock around her sexy lips.

“Don’t worry about him,” she smiled, taking my cock back in her mouth.

Her lips were like a vacuum as she gave me the most amazing head I had experienced in my brief experience. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and moaned as she bobbed back and forth with such beautiful perfection. “Does my new fuck-toy want my cum?”

She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper into her mouth than I thought physically feasible and then grabbed my hips and moved them back and forth.

I was confused at first until Brandi laughed and said, “Fuck your slut’s face.”

Actors: Brandi Love

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