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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction. The characters depicted herein are all 18-years-old or older. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or events, past or present, are strictly coincidental.


I’ve been with my girlfriend for only three years. We didn’t start out conservative, we were liberal and horny as hell. But it already feels like we’ve transformed into an old married couple. Everyday is the same routine: she studies nutrition and I write stories, we go out for a day of exercise and come home for a TV movie, then at night it’s always the same moves in bed. I was able to make her cum the first time we had sex without a condom. But ever since, she’s been so relieved she didn’t get pregnant that I’ve had to wear protection every time we do it. Now it seems impossible to make her cum with just straight sex. But she doesn’t want to try anything else.

She had previously been traumatized by her last boyfriend. She was a sweet innocent little virgin who had fallen in love with a narcissistic asshole and once he managed to brainwash her into sex, he was suddenly fucking her mercilessly. She told me everything he did was painful and humiliating and any pleasure she might have felt in it was short-lived and bittersweet. As far as she could recall, he never once brought her to orgasm.

They had tried pretty much everything already, from trading positions on top, handjobs, blowjobs, doggystyle, and even anal which was an act she dared not repeat because it brought her nothing but pain. She had even let him have sex with her while under a blanket while her little sister sat just inches away watching tv. She had told me every kinky little detail about her sex life with her ex-boyfriend. I don’t think she had the capacity to be aroused by the struggle she inspired in me, my being torn between bitter jealousy and anger toward her brazen former lover and the sad but undeniable fact that her stories had me more aroused than I had any right to be. She usually seemed to be more distressed when she realized all that she had divulged to me.

She told me that some of the things that I did reminded her of him and really turned her off so I had to remember not to do those things again. But there were some things I still wished I could do.

Shane’s five feet tall with dark locks and hazel eyes. From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I’ve been mesmerized by how absolutely adorable she is. She is very particular and her body is more sensitive to pain than pleasure, so if things aren’t done just right, she mentally shuts down to shut out the pain. This basically means that I’m left fucking a ragdoll and I can’t get off that way.

Shane has always needed me to be on top though we’ve tried all manner of positions. Although the first time she came, she was on top, it hasn’t worked since. Her favorite position is lying on her belly and having me fuck her from behind. We’ve tried doggystyle as well, but we both tire easily. For two people who exercise regularly, we certainly don’t have great stamina. Unfortunately, she is so damned tight and my dick was so sensitive to her slippery pussy that the combination typically would have me ejaculate prematurely when I would start to thrust deeper inside her where she would really start to moan in pleasure. We even tried sex in public, but that really only inspired her to hurry rather than fueling her sexual fires… and it had been her idea.

So, usually, when all was said and done, the only way I could get her off was with my hands. I’ve tried to eat her out, but there’s not enough friction and she doesn’t really get much out of it. Despite what some might describe as being a sad excuse for a sex life, she and I remain crazy about each other. Which is all the more reason why I long to give her the pleasure she deserves.

Now I’ve been doing a lot of sex research and last night, I finally persuaded her that we had to start trying things a little differently. The one thing I can count on Shane for is to give anything a try once… and I knew that if I could get her drunk, she’d gladly try again something she’d already given up on.

Things were fairly regular for us for most of the day. I had a deeply thought out plan to fulfill Shane’s nearly impossible needs and had told her to plan on seeing no one other than me. Our night wouldn’t be interrupted by friends or family. It would just be us.

I made sure I had everything prepared. I rented a hotel room to replicate the first time we had sex. I filled it with an evening’s worth of kinky and romantic items. I then took Shane out for a night on the town. Usually, there wasn’t really much to do where we lived, but we’re both fairly easily entertained. I took her bowling where we had our laughs. I took her to her favorite place to eat which was overflowing with a health-nut’s wet-dreams. We played and danced together in a large park as the sun went down.

We almost got mugged in the park. But we had both already had a few drinks and, despite how scared I was, I wasn’t about to let anything or anyone hurt Shane. So, don’t ask me how, because I really don’t remember, but I ended up seriously injuring the guy and he ran off. That sure was a shot of adrenaline though and when I had looked at Shane, I could tell by the look on her face that she was ready for whatever else might happen that night.

So we retired to the hotel room I’d reserved. We were both tipsy and aroused and were very tempted to just hop into bed and go at it like the teenagers we had been only a few years earlier. But I made sure we took our time. The door was locked with the “Do Not Disturb” sign hung and Shane and I had begun to undress. It was easy for me to get naked far ahead of Shane. I then assisted her in getting her clothes off. She tried to kiss me as I pulled her shirt over her head. I teased her with my lips and gave her a quick lick causing her to giggled lightly.

While we were standing together in the room completely naked, Shane took the time to admire my form. Personally, I don’t really think I’m much to look at. I’ve always had a touch of Body Image Dysphoria. All I see in the mirror is a scrawny hairy guy with maybe a cute face. I was also not as well endowed as Shane had claimed her ex had been. I supposed that as long as I was hard, she found it to be pleasing to the eye.

She was awfully grabby in her drunken and horny state of mind, but I dragged her into the shower where we made-out as we bathed each other. When we felt clean, I got out first as Shane continued kissing me. I wanted to give her a chance to privately try on her slinky new underwear that I’d bought her. I’d only seen it on a mannequin and didn’t really know what she would look like in it. But dressing sexily would be the one thing she hadn’t done with her boyfriend and I knew it would be an exciting experience for her.

When she came out of the bathroom, she modeled in her new underwear seductively. Normally, she would have been rather shy, but with the alcohol in her, modeling for me was very exciting for her. The underwear looked so sexy on her. She wore a white garter and corset which pushed her tits up and close together exposing the top of her breasts and ample cleavage.

She didn’t know it, but the matching white panties she was now wearing were actually edible, a feature I planned to put to use tonight.

“So, what do you think?” She finally asked me, as if the lust in my eyes and my throbbing erection weren’t evidence enough that I enjoyed the view.

“You look so damned sexy, baby.” Shane and I didn’t talk to each other like this normally, which is why I felt it added to the intensity of the night. Shane seemed inclined to agree as a shy smile turned into a devilish grin as she looked me over. I patted the foot of the bed with my palm, inviting her over.

When she arrived, rather than actually have her sit, I stood her up between my knees. It had always gotten her ready for sex before to be between my legs. Whether rubbing her crotch against mine or rubbing my groin with her ass, she always seemed to want to drag me into the bedroom shortly after.

“What do want to do now..?” She asked suggestively. She looked behind her at the tv in the room. “Do you want to watch something?”

I looked at her curiously. I didn’t know where that came from.

“Do you want to watch a dirty movie?”

“A dirty movie..? You mean a porno..?” I couldn’t believe it when she nodded. I had never expected her to suggest something like that. She must have really been drunk.

But I shook my head. I didn’t want to waste time looking for a decent porno, especially if it meant we’d have to pay extra for it. I decided to put that idea on hold.

Shane leaned down and we kissed, gently at first, but then it got frenetic. She leaned further until I was on my back and she was on top of me, having crawled onto the foot of the bed. My hands were on her hips as she began to thrust at me, dry humping me through those edible panties. I rubbed and squeezed her ass as she rocked into me.

I was on the verge of losing it and knew it was time to calm things down. I rolled Shane so I could be on top. She grabbed a pillow for her head as I planted my hands on her inner thighs to keep her legs spread so she wouldn’t be tempted to wrap them around me… at least not yet.

I crawled on top of her, thinking perhaps I might straddle her chest and fuck her tits. I leaned down and kissed her then kissed the exposed flesh of her breasts as I unlaced her corset. She was looking down at my cock which was still rigid but no longer throbbing as hard. I saw her lick her lips as she looked down at it. She began to move under me. As she began to rock her body back toward the headboard and then back toward me with my dick positioned flat against her flesh, it felt as though she were fucking me with her belly.

She licked her lips again as she watched a dab of precum drip from my dickhead. Shane had never really liked sucking dick. She loved watching me as she did it, knowing it was getting me off, but she also usually just wanted to get it done and over with. If for some reason, it seemed I wasn’t enjoying it at the moment or I was taking too long to come, she’d want to stop and she’d be pretty frustrated about it. Right now though, it seemed to me that she looked just about starving for my cock, like nothing would make her happier than to feel my pole sink down her throat.

I finally got her corset open and her breasts fell to her sides, weighted down slightly by the material. I forewent the tit-fuck and simply leaned down to massage and suckle her tits one nipple at a time. She moaned and gasped and whimpered with every touch.

I slipped from her twin mounds down to her pussy where she was rubbing herself desperately. That was another surprise, as Shane was usually self-conscious about masturbating when we’re in the process of having sex. I was so glad at how loose the alcohol had made her. I removed her hand and licked her fingers then brushed the panties aside and, as I slid my tongue into her dripping flower, I felt both of her hands clamp into my scalp.

I finally decided the panties were very much in my way and bit into them to tear a decent hole.

Shane stared at me then. “Oh my god! Did you just bite a hole in those panties? I really liked those. They smell so good.”

“This is what these are made for, baby. Tastes like some kind of fruit-jerky…”

“It does..?” Shane seemed intrigued. “Give me a piece.”

Without question, I tore a piece of the edible fabric and handed it to her.

“So these are edible panties..?”

I nodded my confirmation as I kissed at her slick pussylips. I then watched her taste and then eat the piece of edible fabric I’d handed her.

I heard her moan of delight escape her lips as she chewed the fruit-flavored fabric. What struck me as even hotter about this situation was that the piece I’d handed her had been soaked in her pussy-juice. She had tasted her own pussy and even now still sounded as if she enjoyed it.

I tore the remainder of the edible panties off of her and we snacked together on the torn bits as I fingered her. Once I’d swallowed the panty bits I’d devoured I returned to devouring her glistening cunt. She wrapped her legs around my head as I reached up and around to continue rubbing her clit with my fingers. I’d learned from my research that doing both simultaneously was highly erogenous especially compared to my attempts solely at eating her out.

As Shane began to buck her hips forward, driving her cunt deeper into my face, I realized I’d never seen her react like this before. It was awesome. I had only eaten out two women in my life. The chick who had originally forced me to do her had traumatized me somewhat… I had hated the taste of her. But all of that disappeared when I met Shane. I knew I had to taste her and I wasn’t disappointed when she let me go down on her for the first time. Just like her personality, every other part of her is just so damned sweet.

Suddenly, Shane was shaking uncontrollably as she tightened her grip on my head with her hands and legs and she let out a loud squeal I’d never heard out of her as her back arched up. Finally, she collapsed around me, her legs and arms falling to her sides as she lay staring at the door, probably wondering if anyone had heard her. She preferred her sex to be quiet, not wanting to embarrass herself by calling unwanted attention to her sexual pleasure. But I had longed to hear those sounds. This had been the first time I’d brought her such an intense orgasm… and I had done it using my hands and my mouth.

I felt Shane’s hands on my head again as she dragged me up to meet her lips. “My goodness… oh… my god. That was so great.” But suddenly she looked concerned as she reached down and grabbed hold of my swollen member. “But now what do we do about you?”

“Don’t worry, girl.” I said. “We’re not done yet.”

Shane had never had multiple orgasms and I was determined to change that. I left the bed and reached into my bag of goodies. I pulled out a tube of lubricant and headed back toward Shane.

She was now positioned on her stomach with her head nearly hanging off of the foot of the bed. She had her hands together under her chest for support and looked up at me eagerly. She had taken off the corset and I could make out her nipples standing at attention just behind her hands. Once I was standing in front of her, she took one glance at my bouncing dick and then stared straight into my eyes. “Do you want me to?”

She looked so innocent as she asked me that. This was her usual coy way of propositioning me. But I wasn’t in the mood to play with my little angel. It was about time I got to see her little devil. So I told her in a voice which left no margin for error. “Don’t ask me like that.”

Seriously… what straight man doesn’t automatically want his cock sucked? Asking me if I wanted it was like an insult.

Shane stared at my cock again and then looked back at me. She was struggling with just how to phrase it. She wasn’t used to talking dirty, so I knew I’d have to coach her.

“Will you… will you let me?” She asked shyly.

That was hot. A question that suggested she wanted so badly to swallow my rod she would willingly ask for it. But it wasn’t quite hot enough. “Let you what?”

“Let me suck on it.” She said as she stared down at my dick. She was getting closer, but those still weren’t the words I wanted to hear.

“What? Suck on what..?”

Shane licked her lips again and looked up at me pleading. “Let me suck your dick.” Those were the words I was looking for. She had certainly never referred to my penis directly before now and the fact that she used that word when she was so inexperienced at talking dirty was just so sexy.

I took my time answering. I made it look like I was considering her request and I finally responded with, “How about if I just let you taste it?”

There was something she hadn’t considered. Up to this point, Shane was used to cramming me into her mouth and getting it over with in a semi-automatic fashion. She showed no enthusiasm or any real desire to do it. Usually, in order to get myself off in her mouth, I’d had to grab hold of her head and literally fuck her face. But now she stared at the tip of my dick as she licked her lips.

My hard-on had been sustained up to this point by all of Shane’s attempts at asking to suck my dick. Everytime a question had escaped her lips, it had become more suggestive and my dick got harder. Now, as I watched her contemplate my proposal, I wondered if both her mouth and my cock would begin to drool at each other. I inched forward a bit, pointing my dick at her lips just far enough away that she’d have to move or at least stick her tongue out to reach me… and tongue me she did.

The feeling of her slick tongue stroking along my precum babbling head sent an immense shiver up my spine. Shane crawled forward ever so slightly and licked my dick again, sliding her oral tentacle around the circumference of my mushroom cap. I thought I might cum there and then and spray all over her face. It would certainly be new for us. I don’t know if she had ever let her ex spray her.

Shane crawled forward more and parted her lips to wrap my mini-me head up in her mouth. I pulled back away from her and felt another shiver up my spine as my cockhead slipped from between her lips. “Shane…” I tried to make it sound disciplinary.

Shane looked up at me pleading again. “Please…” She said earnestly.

“Please what?”

“Please, baby, put it in my mouth. I want you in my mouth.”

“You want what?”

“I want you… your dick… put in my mouth. I want to taste you. I want to suck you.”

The more I considered how drunk Shane must truly be, the more surprised I became that she hadn’t yet passed out. “Roll onto your back, honey.” I suggested and she quickly obliged. I then rubbed my slicked head against her lips and she opened her mouth to let me in. I grabbed onto her head to give her support as she hung off the edge of the bed and I groped her tit as I slowly leaned forward and humped my way deeper into her throat inch by inch. She choked at one point and I pulled out, a bit worried. “Are you okay, baby?”

Shane coughed and then nodded upside down. “Mmhm.” She then stuck her tongue out and caught the tip of my dick, guiding me back into her mouth to swallow me fully into her throat. Soon, I had packed myself deep into her esophagus until my balls rested on her eyelids and would drag across her nose as I pumped in and out of her throat.

Shane had one hand clamped on my ass as she fingered herself with her free hand. I was again getting far too close to exploding when I suddenly remembered I had only planned on cumming once tonight and it wasn’t going to be here like this. So I dragged myself out of her throat and tried to calm down.

Shane coughed a bit and then tried to move herself toward me, trying to find a decent way to catch sight of me. “Baby..? Baby..? Are you okay? Why did you stop?”

“Everything’s fine. We’ve just kind of veered off-course.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“I’ve got a plan; a schedule; certain rules have to be followed tonight.” I said and looked over at her as she stared confused. “Just come here, baby.” I grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the side edge of the bed. Again, she looked up at me eagerly, pleading as she wondered desperately how we were going to get my cock off tonight.

I lifted her legs up until my dick was positioned in front of her snatch. “Oh, baby, no. You’re not wearing protection. Baby, I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I smiled at that. “Don’t worry, baby.” I lifted her legs until her body pretty much bent in half. She grunted in momentary discomfort. “Are you okay, Chez? Can you breathe?”

“Yeah… baby, what are you doing?”

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