BF and stepdaughter get seduced by mom Brandi Love

I met Ayaan Aden, the six-foot-tall, curvaceous and downright majestic Somali MILF who changed my life completely by chance at Canada’s Capital University. I was sitting at the campus library one Saturday morning, typing up a paper on a computer on the quiet floor, and that’s when I noticed her walking by, pushing a cleaning tray. Now, mind you, while typing up that paper, I was also discretely looking up some interracial queer porn but the sight of this lady’s thick booty made me smile and forget everything else.

That’s how life is when you’re a bisexual male, I swear. You never what might move you, emotionally and sensually speaking. The morning I met the lovely Ayaan, I was actually watching some pretty hardcore stuff. In the videos I gawked at, some gay White dudes were going around the hood picking up “thuggish” Black guys to have sex with them. Thug Hunters, that’s what these punks called themselves. I know, it’s ridiculous, right?

The videos were funny as hell if you ask me, if a bit stereotypical, but the sex scenes were sizzling. In one particularly hot video I watched, a chubby Black dude got fucked in the ass by a skinny White dude with a thick White cock. That scene got me harder than a rock, and if I were at home I totally would have cum from watching it. Hell, I had half a mind to go into the nearby washroom to jerk off to those steamy interracial gay sex scenes when the tall Somali lady with the mesmerizing ass walked by….

“Salaam, sister, how are you?” I said as I approached her, pretending to be grabbing an old tome from a nearby shelf. Truth be told, the book I picked up was dusty and ancient, and hadn’t been checked out since the 1980s, but dammit, I needed an opening. Look, I’ve always been what you’d call a creature of impulse, and when I see something I want, I tend to go for it.

“Walaikum As Salam, brother, life is alright, do I know you from somewhere?” the lady replied, a thoughtful look on her pretty brown face, which was framed by a Hijab. Now that I got a closer look at her, I must admit, the lady looked simply heavenly. Somali women of a certain age have a unique charm that is all their own, I must say. Hijab-wearing MILF from the Horn of Africa. Hot damn.

“I’m Suleiman, from Haiti, my sister, perhaps you’ve seen me at the masjid,” I replied quickly. Truth be told, I only go to the mosque sporadically. I’m a newcomer to Islam, and hail from a Haitian Adventist background, and I’m still learning things about my new faith. I was born as Salomon Magloire in Port-De-Paix, Haiti, in 1990 and moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, with my parents Gregoire and Sophie Magloire in the summer of 2000. After much soul-searching, I became a Muslim in the summer of 2015. Sometimes, I feel awkward around those who were born into Islam because they know so much more about it than I do…

“Maybe that’s it, good to meet you, Suleiman, I’m Ayaan, I’m from Somalia,” the lady said with a smile, and she extended her hand for me to shake. A lot of Hijabis usually don’t shake hands, so I took that as a good sign. Ayaan looked into my eyes and smiled, and I swear, my heart skipped a beat. When Ayaan licked her lips, which were full and sensuous, I swear I felt a tremor in my pants…

Suddenly, I felt tongue tied. Ayaan the Somali cleaning lady definitely had a strong feminine presence that I could not deny, and she was affecting me in all kinds of ways. Ladies and gentlemen, the bisexual Black male nerd is a reclusive breed of creature and I happen to be one of them. Put me in front of a gorgeous lady or a hunky dude, and I get nervous. Yeah, welcome to my life.

“Anyhow, I’ve got to get back to work, Suleiman, pleased to meet you, have a good day,” Ayaan finally said, and she nodded then walked away, pushing that cart full of cleaning supplies. I stood there, gawking at that fine booty of hers as she walked away, looking majestic in her long-sleeved blue shirt and long, dark, traditional Islamic skirt. Dammit, why do I always do this to myself?

Last week, while walking around the Saint Laurent Mall in the east end of Ottawa, I saw a sexy Latino dude sitting at a bench reading a book. When I walked by, the dude looked me up and down and smiled. As a six-foot-one, chubby and burly young Black man with thick nerdy glasses and an Afro, I was used to having all kinds of people staring at me. Still, I could tell that Mr. Latino was giving me the look, which all gay and bisexual guys instinctively know.

“Hey, man, cool-looking book, what’s the title?” I asked, and Mr. Latino looked at me, smiled and showed me the book, Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris. I smiled, for I was well-acquainted with the works of the late great Mr. Harris. The brother from Fayetteville, Arkansas, wrote a lot of novels about gay and bisexual Black men. I deduced from his choice of reading material that Mr. Latino might be bisexual himself and into brothers.

“Invisible Life is a great read, I’m Pablo,” Mr. Latin Sexiness said, extending his hand, and I smiled, shook his hand, introduced myself and then sat down next to him. I felt nervous, but nevertheless engaged Pablo in small talk, and after about half an hour of this, the dude basically propositioned me. We were on the mall’s first floor, right across from the Dollar Store, and there was a washroom nearby. Pablo looked me up and down, then winked at me.

“Suleiman, sexy man, I’d love to have you taste my magic stick,” Pablo said, and he got up, smiled at me and nonchalantly headed for the nearby men’s washroom. I counted to ten, and then followed him inside. Look, I don’t normally go around cruising for guys in washrooms because that’s a sure fire way to get a disease, or get hurt by a crazy bozo. Still, I was horny and feeling adventurous, so I went inside…

“Here I am, sexy,” I said to Pablo, who waited for me in the biggest stall, the one reserved for handicapped people. Pablo grinned at me, and unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick, uncircumcised dick. I looked at this caramel stick and licked my lips. Hell, my own dick was hardening in my pants. I crouched on the toilet seat, and grabbed Pablo’s dick.

“Nice,” Pablo whispered, and I would have replied but I had his dick in my mouth. I sucked Pablo’s dick with gusto, loving the masculine smell emanating from his cock and balls. The Latino stud closed his eyes and relaxed as I sucked him off. When Pablo finally came, I drank his cum. I love the taste of cum. Don’t like it? Sue me. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and got off the toilet seat.

“Let’s fuck,” Pablo said, and I was down with that, but he didn’t have a condom on him and neither did I. Seriously, this was a major inconvenience but I refused to proceed without any protection. Pablo looked at me like I had two heads, and then started to get mad. I hate it when that happens, but I didn’t want to become a statistic, another young Black man with an STD. Seriously, thanks but no thanks.

“Amigo, I meant it when I said that I don’t fuck without a condom, you can forget it,” I said forcefully, and I glared at Pablo, squaring my shoulders, and he backed off. I walked out of the stall, and got stared at by an old White dude who just walked into the washroom. Ignoring him, I washed my face at the basin and washed my mouth with water, then I exited the washroom. I went upstairs and caught the 95 bus heading to Barrhaven, and that’s all she wrote, folks.

As you can see, awkward encounters of a sexual nature are something of a hobby of mine. I looked at Ayaan as she turned around a corner, disappearing from my view. I had to think fast. You only get one chance to make a first impression, as they say. What can I say to Ayaan to get her number? I didn’t know if the lady was single, divorced or married, and I didn’t care. I haven’t fucked married women before but I’ve fucked plenty of married men. No shame in this bisexual brother’s game, folks.

“Sister, do you have a minute? I’m doing a paper about the clan wars in Somalia in the old days, and have some questions,” I said, and Ayaan turned around, an amused expression on her lovely face. I knew very little about Somalia, but do remember my buddy Rashid talk about clan wars in the old days, so I used that. Ayaan paused, then looked at me, a question in her eyes.

“What class is this for?” Ayaan asked, and I quickly made something up, since lying comes to me as easily as breathing. Hey, a lot of brothers can’t admit this but I can. I told Ayaan I was taking an African Studies course, and the focus was in the Horn of Africa. I even told her that I had lots of friends from her country, and a deep respect for their culture. Total bullshit but the lady looked at me thoughtfully. Apparently she was buying it…

“Sister, if you could tell me about Somalia in the old days, you’d be a life saver,” I said pleadingly, and I even gently bowed my head. I used the puppy dog stare with Ayaan, and it apparently worked, for the lady pursed her lips, and then, amazingly, she took out her cell phone. I held my breath, and then suddenly remembered that females take forever to call a brother, so it’s always a better idea to take their number instead of giving them yours. I took out my phone…

“I’ll see what I can do, Suleiman, I’m glad you’re learning about Africa,” Ayaan said, and then she dictated her cell phone number to me. Smiling, I took it, nodded gently and promised the lady I’d keep in touch. Ayaan wished me good day for the second time, and then headed for the elevators, going to do some cleaning on the upper floors. I watched her walk away, unable to believe my luck. It’s not easy to holler at those Hijab-wearing ladies, ask any guy in Ottawa. Yup, I’ve got game!

A few days after we met, Ayaan and I grabbed a bite at the Habesha restaurant near downtown Ottawa and got to know each other a bit better. This was our second outing, previously we’d gone to the movies at Silver City. During these past few days, I learned quite a bit about this lovely lady. The more I learned about Ayaan, the more fascinated I became…

Ayaan was born in 1977 in Puntland, Somalia, and came to Ontario in the summer of 1999. These days, Ayaan works for the maintenance department at Canada’s Capital University while studying business at Algonquin College. Oh, and Ayaan has a grown son, Ali, from a previous relationship with a Turkish Canadian Muslim man named Mehmet. Said relationship ended in divorce in 2013.

“Sometimes I almost wish I were still in Somalia, I’ve been so lonely since Mehmet ran off with that young Jamaican woman from his job,” Ayaan said wistfully. I looked at the beautiful woman who sat across from me and shook my head. Ayaan is lovely, and she takes care of herself and she’s back in college. A brave, lovely woman like this shouldn’t be lonely.

“Ayaan, the men in this town must be big fools if they don’t notice you, believe me, sister, you look beautiful to me, ” I said with a smile, and then I took Ayaan’s hands in mine and gently squeezed them. Ayaan looked at me and for a moment I was worried I’d done something wrong, but then Ayaan smiled coyly and looked me up and down. I could tell the lady liked what she saw. Works for me. Time to go for the kill…

“Suleiman, you’re so naughty,” Ayaan said to me, a few hours later, as we got down and dirty at her place, an apartment near South Keys. We were in bed, and I had Ayaan on all fours. What a glorious sight, that curvy, sexy body of hers. I admired Ayaan’s big round ass, and playfully slapped it, which caused the lady to laugh and shake her ass some more…

“I’m crazy about your big Somali butt, Ayaan, I’ve felt this way since the first time I saw you,” I replied, and I kissed Ayaan’s big ass, then I spread her ass cheeks wide open. Ayaan’s ass smelled of soap and water, plus a woman’s natural scent. Lucky me. I immediately stuck my tongue inside, and from Ayaan’s excited squeal, I could tell the lady liked what I was doing to her. I ate Ayaan’s ass while fingering her already wet pussy…

“Wallahi, this feels so good,” Ayaan whimpered, and I watched as her curvy, delicious body shook as I pleasured her. I wormed my tongue deep inside Ayaan’s asshole while thrusting two fingers in her wet, pussy, then I added a third. I had the sexy Somali Muslim MILF squealing in delight by the time I was done with her. I let Ayaan catch a breather, and the lady lay on her back, a glazed look in her lovely brown eyes.

“Believe me, you haven’t felt anything yet,” I replied, and I took a sip from a water bottle, and then resumed working on Ayaan. Spreading the lady’s thick thighs wide open, I began to lick her pussy like a thirsty nomad finding an oasis after many days spent wandering the desert. Ayaan moaned deeply as I pleasured her, and I teased her clitoris with my tongue while fingering her pussy. I pride myself in my oral skills and can rock your world, whether you have a pussy or a dick…

“Hmm, I need your dick inside of me, Suleiman,” Ayaan said, clucking her tongue. I held her gaze and smiled, and then took her hands and placed them on my long, hard dick. Ayaan’s eyes widened as she noticed that I was uncircumcised. For a moment I hesitated. Ayaan is a Muslim woman, born and raised in Islam. I’m a convert but I refuse to modify my body. I’ve lived my whole life this way and I’m a clean person so I see no reason to change. How is Ayaan going to react?

“Yum,” Ayaan said, and the gorgeous Somali MILF took my dick into her mouth without hesitation. I smiled happily as Ayaan began sucking my dick with gusto. In no time the lady got me harder than the proverbial rock, as they say. Later, I rolled a condom on my dick and rubbed it against Ayaan’s pussy lips. I like to tease my lovers, male and female, by rubbing my dick against their holes without going in. Ayaan shot me a rather annoyed look, and I got the message.

“Here I come,” I said, like the corny bisexual nerd that I am, as I eased my dick into Ayaan’s pussy. Just like that, we began fucking. I hadn’t been with a woman in ages, since relationships or even casual hookups with chicks take too much work. Still, I was determined to savor this experience since Ayaan is so beautiful and so damn unique. I’ve got a Hijab-wearing Somali MILF in my bed. Well, her bed, actually, but you get the message, right?

“Suleiman, make love to me, it’s been so long, I really need you now,” Ayaan whispered, and I happily complied. At some point, Ayaan and I continued the action in the washroom. I bent her over the washroom counter, spanked her ass, grabbed her hips and fucked her from behind. Ayaan grinded that big ass against my groin, and I loved watching our reflections in the mirror. Hot damn, this woman was like a sexual cyclone, and I unleashed her.

“You are amazing,” I whispered, kissing Ayaan on the back of her neck and holding her tight as I rammed my dick into her pussy. We went at it for what seemed like forever, and at some point ended up on the washroom floor, reeking of each other’s juices and exhausted, but happy as can be. Ayaan smiled at me and I returned her smile, feeling pleasurably sore all over.

That’s how it began, ladies and gentlemen. My relationship with a unique, fiery and passionate woman. Ayaan Aden of Somalia. Algonquin College student, maintenance lady at Canada’s Capital University, divorcee and mother of a grown son. A truly amazing woman. I’m lucky she’s in my life. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ayaan and I are dating. I’m giving the fellas a break for the moment, not because I’ve stopped being bisexual but because I’m happy with the lady in my life. Ayaan is enough for me. Peace.

Actors: Brandi Love

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