beauty parody – anikka and stormy daniels

Beauty found pleasure in inflicting pain on others. Men and women paid her handsomely to unleash her inner beast on them. She loved her work. In fact, she never considered it work. It was her calling, her service to those who needed her.

To make sure she gave her best service, she had designed her basement into a paradise where obedience was given in exchange for pleasurable pain. It was here she most felt at home, at peace.

She always enjoyed preparing for her clients. Her 5’7 curvaceous body filled her black leather jumpsuit. She loved how the bustier cups molded perfectly to her 36 DDD tits and the seat of the jumpsuit caressed her bodacious ass. She loved feeling it fondle and embrace her body.

Beauty’s breathing got deeper as she dressed. The increased rhythm raised her voluptuous breasts. The sight of herself in the mirror made her moist. She sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and pinched her clit. She shuddered.

She wanted, no needed a release, but now wasn’t the time. She placed her foot into her thigh high stiletto boots. They molded perfectly to her legs and feet. Surveying herself in the mirror, she oozed sex, assertiveness and dominance. She wanted to fuck herself right then. Beauty saw the red light flash. It was time to go to work.

Opening the dungeon door, she paused and smiled. He was there, his back to her, face covered with a mask waiting submissively. As the door slammed closed, he flinched. Beauty walked over to him and cracked the horsetail leather whip across his back. He remained still. Beauty cracked it again and again. “On your hands and knees slave,” she commanded. He obliged quickly.

Beauty cracked the whip across his back a few more times before moving lower. Now she was forcefully striking his nuts and dick. With each lashing, his cock started hardening and his nuts quivered. She, he needed more. She reached into her bag of toys and emerged with an anal plug. She slammed it into his ass. He let out a yelp. The whip came crashing down on his cock. He remained still and silent. Her inner thighs were slick with moisture.

Beauty grabbed the anal plug, pulling it out of his ass while lashing his dick. His asshole was gaping open. She stopped, surveyed her handiwork; the bright red lash marks, his heavy breathing, hard cock. She rammed the plug back in. She loved this part. His body began jerking. His arousal was building fast. Beauty abruptly stopped.

He was panting. She reached into the bag and retrieved two nipple clamps attached to a chain. She fastened them on his nipples, screwing them into the tightest position. He yelped again. She slapped him hard. He hung his head. Her inner thighs got wetter. She resumed whipping him, ramming the plug in and out of his ass while yanking the chain on the clamps. They were both flushed.

Beauty pulled harder on the clamps, wielded the lash harder and fiercely slammed his ass. Increasing his pain made her pleasure build. They needed one last thing. She put a leash over his head and tightened it around his neck. She wrapped the leash around her wrist with the clamp chain and rammed the plug in and out, while lashing the whip. His dick was rock hard. He was sweating, his breathing became erratic and staggered. It was music to her ears.

Beauty was sweating. She pulled tighter on the leash and nipple clamps. She was battering his asshole harder and lashing his cock and balls with force. His entire body began jerking and his dick spasmed. As cum shot out of his cock, she continued her pain administration less forcefully while he rode out his orgasm. Spent, he remained on his hands and knees panting. Well used and well satisfied.

Beauty dropped her toys and walked out. She leaned against the outside dungeon door allowing her own climax to wash over her. Unleashing her inner primal beast always satisfied her sexual urges. After regaining composure, she went to shower. In the shower, she relived each moment of the session.

Beauty closed her eyes, laid her head back against the shower door and furiously stroked her clit, allowing the fullness of her climax to overtake her body. She slid down the wall onto the floor. Breathing hard, she put two fingers in her cunt and fucked herself while twisting and pulling her nipples. She was almost over the edge, she pulled harder, then lower her head so she could bite her nipple. She came hard, squirting everywhere.

Beauty let the warm water run over her body as her orgasm subsided. She could hardly wait for tomorrow. Another client. Another session.

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